adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 16

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Scene 1.
MM.hall.dinner time. All r amazed to hear sanskar words about ragini.!!!
Dp finished his food&go to room.after that;
Uttara:so bhaai,how was the” meeting” with the MD of Gadodia group?
She asked it in a teasing tone.but sanky didn’t get that.!
Sanskar:I told u na it was really good.
Uttara:kyaa bhaai he yeh? Is ur going to look after the business ?even u don’t have brain.ufff ..ur really a waste fellow.
All others laughed. He was the only one who didn’t understand the meaning of uttara’s question!!!!!
Sanskar:wat happend??
Suja:aree sanskar,she is asking that do u starting love the girl?
said this she laughed .sanskar gave a sharp look to Uttara!!!
Uttara:see bhaai,even my mum got that.but u always sit lilke a budhooo…
Sanskar:ohhh…achaaa.budhooo?meim?today I am gonna kill u,U Little Devil.!!!
He started chasing her.she run here&there. But sanky catch her easily.
He try to twist her hand wrist.
in that time Laksh came down.he saw them&laughing of all others.
Laksh:wat happend?all r in a happy mood.
Uttara freed her hand from sanky &rush ti laksh.
Uttara:I will tell u……

Lakah:kyaa hua bhaai?
Sanskar:nothing lucky. This pagal found some thing to tease me.
Uttara:kyaaa??? Paagal?u called me paagal.?so ok I will tell u bhaai about our “Mr.Perfect,Sanskar Maheshwari”
Laksh laughed to hear this. He look at sanskar.
Sanskar:lucky….tum bhi naa?
Uttat:voh…voh he n..a…? R … r…
She couldn’t complete becoz of brething.
Laksh:kyaa,wat r u talking??
Uttara: our soo called gentle man is falling for Miss. Ragini Gadodia,MD of Gadodia group.!!!
Laksh couldn’t believe his ears!!!!. He became shocked&looked at Sanskar with anxiously!!!.
Scene 2
GH.hall.also dinner time..all r having food.
Shekher:so our laadoo done first meeting in her career successfully.!
Ragini smiled.
Swars:how was the meeting laadoo?
Ragini:it was really nice.
Swara:&how was new MDs of Maheshwari group?handsome he na?
Ragini looked at swara.swara winked at her.
all r laughed.
Ragini:they were also nice.
Shekher:is also Durga Prasad come with them?
Ragini:no,papa.they two only!
Shekher:elder son is s… s.wat was that?

He couldn’t got sanky’s name.
Ragini:he is Sanskar.&……Laksh!!
While said laksh’s name her voice became low!
Shekher:haa.I do remember them now! I met Sanskar in a business conference in past year.but didn’t saw younger maheshwari till now!
Ragini:papa…sanskar is really a briliant guy. We shared some new ides about the project. He is a Friendly type. We became good friends in such a short time.
Swara:how about the other? Mr. Laksh Maheshwari??
Ragini didn’t respond for 1 second.after a while.
Ragini: yaaa.he too.. good…
Swara notice this.!
Swara:kyaa hua laadoom? Any problem?
Ragini:no, no. I didn’t mean that.he couldn’t spend more time with us. Bcoz..bcoz ….he got some important calls. discuss about the project.
Said this Ragini get up from there&go to her room. Swara look on!!!!! .
Scene 3
MM.hall.laksh was shocked to hear uttara!!

Laksh:wat ?wat did u say?
Uttara:ohhh.bhhai.. .wat happend to ur ears?is it gone?
He felt pain in his heart deeply
But he couldn’t find y?.
Sanskar:kyaaa he lucky this?
Uttara:ohhhh.bhayya ko jawab deneke liye kyuoom itni dher?
Sanskar:uttara,will u pls stop it.?
Uttara:ohh bhaai..
Sanskar:so,tell me wat u wanted to hear?
If I started falling for her,isn’t it? Yes I really started falling for her.!!!!
All r shocked to hear his answer!! Especially Laksh!!
Laksh:bhaaii… r u serious?
Sanskar looked at him for a moment!
Laksh praid for the -ve response from sanskar!!
sanky burst out of laughing.!!!
Sanskar:ohh God,kab se meri lucky,itni fool hogai? Aree baba I am lied. Do u feel that I am serious?
All r laughed hear this.laksh bhi! He felt some coolness in his heart!
Sanskar:but I didn’t lied that I like her!I really mean it.!
all stop laughing&looked at him cluelessly!!
Sanskar:I really like her as my friend. I felt a good friendship bond between us from the begining of meeting. It doesn’t meant that I started love her.ok u, chotti budhuooo…
Sanskar:I really felt respect for her personality.I told u na?she is so brilliant.
Uttara:ohhh just like me???
Sanskar:noo..just opposit u..

She began to chase sanky….
All r in a happy mood…..


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Credit to: Lakshmi


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    superb superb superb … I love it yaar …….plsssss plsssss post next part soon dr with lot of scene of ragsanlak….

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