adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 15


Hi dears,sorry for late update&thank u soo much for ur valid comments. I felt soo happy to read ur comments….
FOR SWATHI(Not only for her,for all.but she asked it)-
I also write another ff. Fully based on RAGLAK(no swasan in this,sorry swasan fans…)it is “RAGLAK -PYAAR KI BANDHAN”.
FOR ANU-Hi my dear Anu. I saw ur comment. Swara is also have important in this ff. In my previous chapters I wrote soo much about swara. I think u ask me this bcoz I didn’t write about swasan sense till now(except their first meeting). But don’t felt bad dear I will write SWASAN sequences in upcoming chapters.
So hear we gooo….

Scene 1.
Office. Sanskar gave Laksh a question look. Laksh felt so bad about him self!!!!.
Suddnly Ragini went out from there!!!!.
Sanskar &Laksh shocked…
Sanskar rush to her. Laksh also follow him.
Lakah stops in the starting of corridor.
He saw Sanskar& Ragini!!
Suddenly Ragini came back &with out look him,she entered in to conference hall!!
Sanskar came to him&said.
Sanskar:lucky,u go to cabin. I will come soon.
Said this he also entered in to hall.
Laksh understood that sanskar convince Ragini.he go to cabin.
In cabin laksh sit in chair. He think about passed events&hit his forehead with hands.!!!!
Laksh(to him self):wat have u done lucky??? Now u should be answer for this to bhaaai..
He didn’t wanted to share his first meeting with ragini to anyone!! . Even to Sanskar,!!!.
but now the situation made him to said that .
He saw sanskar&Ragini came out from hall. He look at Ragini with a little pain.

Scene 2.
Parking side. Sanskar accompanied Ragini to her car.
Ragini:so,Mr.Sanskar was a nice meeting with u.
They shaked their hands.
Sanskar:me too.
Ragini smiled.
Sanskar:I didn’t tell this in an official manner. I really mean this!!
Ragini didn’t got what he said. She gave him a question look!!!.
Sanskar:I felt that I met my friend after a long time!!
Ragini:I am happy to hear that. So by Mr.Sanskar..
Sanskar:if u don’t mind, pls call me Sanskar.
Ragini:ok Mr… by sanskar.
Sanskar:by Ragini,meet u again.
Sanky wave his hand. Ragini also did the same. Driver takes car…
Sanskar came to Laksh’s cabin. Laksh was in deep thoughts..!!!!.
Sanskar:wat have u done?y u look at her like that?I also notice that!!
Laksh: voh ….kya he na..bhaaai…
Suddenly sanskar got a call!!!
Laksh:ooohhh..abhi bach gayi…!!!!
Sanskar:lucky,come we will go home now.
Laksh felt relaxed&they leave to MM.
Scene 3
MM.dinner time. All r present,except Laksh!!
Ap:sanskar,where is Laksh?
Sanskar:he told that he didn’t felt well.,he got a headache!
Ap:nothing more.isn’t it?
Sanskar:no maaa.

Dp:how was ur meeting?
Sanskar:it was good dad.we fixed the project.
Dp:good&Mr.Shekher Gadodia,how was he?
Sanskar:actually dad,he didn’t come!!
Dp:then who came?
Sanskar:his daughter,Ragini Gadodia.
Sanskar:Ragini is really a brilliant girl!!.she is so passionate&also confident. She share some new ideas about the project. It was really fabulous.!!!
Sanskar stopped. All r looked at him with an amazement. Bcoz it was the first time he talked about a girl,with soo interest.!!!


so dears,always gave ur supports&comments&once again sorry for late update. Thank u…..

Credit to: Lakshmi

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