adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 14


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Scene 1
MM.hall.all r gathered.
Laksh & Sanskar takes blessings from Ap,Dp,Rp&Suja.bcoz it is the day of starting their first indivudual business project in their career.
Ap:Khush raho..
Rp hugged them.
Rp:always God will bless my sons.
Suja:hamesha khush raho…
Dp: (in a serious tone)good wishes…!
Sanskar&Laksh takes blessings from all.they think to left.but,suddenly!!!!!
Uttara blocked their way…!!!!
Uttara:ohhoooo…r u going to leave with out my blessings???
All r laughed.
Laksh folded his hands&said
Laksh:oh sorry baba…we r going to start our new project today. Aap ham ko aashirvaad dijiye …..
Uttara:ok diya.and u don’t u want blessings Mr.sanskar??
Sanskar grabbed her ears!!!
Sanskar:I don’t need ur blessings.
Uttara:uff …bhayya,leave my ears it’s really paining..
Sanskar remove his hands&all others burst out of laughing.
Uttara made an angry face on sanskar.
Uttara:good luck laksh bhayya…
Tell this she went to her room.
Sanskar:I will cheer up u after coming back from office.ok?
Uttara:no need of that.
All r laughed. Sanskar &Laksh leave to office.

Scene 2
GH.all r in hall.
Ragini takes blessings from all.she hugged swara.
Swara:go &rock ladoo!
They give hi-fi .
Shekher:do u want me to come?
Ragini:oh oh…papa how many times I told u no need of that.
Swara:haaam papa..she told u na?don’t be tensed my laadoo will manage every thing.he na laadoo?
Ragini:haa.papa I am fully prepared&also confident. Tum tension mat karlo.
Shekher:I know that!so u can leave now.meeting will be in their office.
Ragini hugged shekher:by papa..
Shekher:God bless u..
She entered in car&driver takes car.all wave their hands to leaves.

Scene 3
Office of Maheshwari&company.
Laksh&Sanskar sits in conference hall.
Laksh:bhaai,kyaa he yaar.?time toh 8.55.where is him??
Sanskar:lucky,it is only 8.55 .we fixed the meeting at 9.00. 5 minutes also left.he will.come
tell this he verified files.time passed.
Laksh:look it is 9.00.&where is he?
Sanskar:he will come.wait Laksh.
Suddenly their PA came inside.
PA:sir Gadodia ki MD aagayi.
sanskar looked at laksh.
Sanskar:tell him to come in.
PA :not he sir,she.!
PA :yes sir.It is a lady.
Sanskar:tell her to come in!!
PA left to out side.
Suddenly Ragini opened the door!!!
She came inside.she was wearing a black jean&white shirt&have a black coat.she was tied her long hair back,ponytail style.she had a sunglass!!.
To see her Laksh became super shocked!!!his breathing stopped for one second!!he stand like a statue!!
Ragini also became shocked to see him!!she become bit nervous!!but gain her confidence back.&didn’t express her shock.
She removed her sunglass.&gave shake hand to sanskar!
Ragini:hi! Iam Ragini Gadodia,daughter of Shekher Gadodia&I am going to co-operate with ur new project.
Sanskar:hi,I am Sanskar Maheshwari&this is my brother Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini forward her hand to Laksh.!!
But Laksh was in a lost condition!!in that his mind was passing through the incidents which their first meeting in temple!!!their collide! Their look!!! Their kiss.!!! He felt very warm in his body!!!
Sanskar look at him,Ragini look sanky&asked through eyes that ” wat happend to Laksh”. Sanskar hit in a lite manner from the back of Laksh.
Laksh came in to sense!!!
Laksh:haaaa….I mean …..sorry
They shaked their hands.!!Laksh felt some thing stucked in his heart!!!
Sanskar:so,lets start.?

They started discussion. But Laksh couldn’t pay attention on it.he lost in the presence of Ragini. Ragini also observe this. She felt irritated!!!
Suddenly she get up!!
Sanskar became shocked!!!
Sanskar:what happend??
Ragini: y we r conduct this meeting in here??
Sanskar:to discuss about our new project&done it together!!! will u pls ask ur brother to stop staring at me like this?? It is soo irritating!!!
Sanskar became shocked here this,&looked at Laksh.!!!
Laksh felt very pitty about himself!!


Guys,how was this?pls gave comments&supports.also read Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan.

Credit to: Lakshmi

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