adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 13

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Scene 1
Temple. Ragini came near to Laksh&stand infront of. He started breath heavily!!!
Laksh’s mind was in a lost stage.
Ragini:I am sorry
Ragini:pls give it.
Laksh couldn’t understand wat is she talking.
Ragini’s veil was in laksh’s hand!!!
Laksh:oh I ..I am really sorry..
He gave that to her. She went from there.
He feel something new. A smile came in to his face!!.suddenly someone called him. It was Ap!
Ap:Laksh,wat r u doing here??
Laksh:haaa,maaa I came here to pick u.!!

Laksh:haam chachi come lets go..
But he turned&looked the way ragini went.
Ap:come Laksh,wat r u looking?
Laksh:nothing maaa…
They go towards car&went back to MM.
Scene 2
MM.Laksh’s room.
Laksh was laying in the bed. He is thinking about Ragini. He remembered their collide&kiss!!!!
A sweet smile came in to his lips.
Laksh:wat r u thinking!! Y u always think about it any special in her?no laksh stop it.stop thinking about her.
But he couldn’t. He came to balcony & think that wat will be her situation now!!!
Scene 3
GH.swaragini’s room.
Ragini was also think about Laksh.but she was in an irritated mood. She felt bad thinking about their kiss!!!
swara was notices ragini from sometime.she shakes her
Swars:wat happend laadoo?wat r u thinking?
Ragini came to sense.

Ragini:nothing swara.!
Swara:no laadoo .something is disturbing u! I can feel that from ur face.tell me wat?
Ragini was in a bit confusion about tell the incident to swara.but ,she decided to share it with swara.
Ragini:swara….it is
Suddenly shekher entered their room!!!
Shekher:kyaaa meim aa sakthi hum????

Shekher:I think u two were in a serious discussion.
Swara:no papa.
Shekher:so I just came to inform an important matter.especially to ragini!!!
Swara&Ragini look at each other.
Shekher:from tomorrow laadoo also come to office!!!
Ragini&Swara become super happy. They give hi-fi to each other, ragini hugged shekher.
Ragini:thank u so much papa..
Shekher:it’s ok beta.&u should also prepare for our new project.
Ragini:ok papa.I will try my best on it.!!!
Shekher smiled&went from there.
Scene 4
MM.hall. all r in hall for dinner.
Sanky&lucky look at Dp.

Dp:do u verify the files about ur new project??
Sanky:yes dad.
Dp:good,so u two prepared for it. Isn’t it?
Sanky:yes dad.
Dp:wat about u Laksh?
Laksh:I am also papa.
Rp:bhai,which is the company?


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