adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 12


Hi dears,this chapter is fully described about’RAGLAK’ ki first meeting!!. I don’t know is it good or not.If I disappointed u forgive me…here we go…

Scene 1
Temple. Laksh is searching Ap&Sujatha every where. Laksh checked the time.
Laksh:where is them?.it is already late now.
He came near to the steps ,which leads to river. Suddenly he saw Ap&Suja in the side of the river.
Laksh:wat r they doing in there.??
He began to go towards them.BUT….
Suddenly he collide with Ragini!!!
They two felldown!!!!. Laksh fell above of Ragini&Ragini’s veil also felldown upon them and cover them!!!!.
(In background song”sawan ayaa hai-from the movie creature” plays)
They share a deep eye-lock!!!

Laksh started staring at Ragini with an amazement. He felt that something started fill in his heart.a breeze came between them.they started breath heavily.!!!
Suddenly they came in sense&try to get up. But Laksh’s chain were connected with Ragini’s necklace!!.
Laksh tried to standup. But fell down again&kissed in Ragini’s lips!!!
They two get shocked.! Ragini’s eyes widended.she too felt something strange. They couldn’t breath for one second!!!
His eyes continues staring her eyes. The breeze shakes Ragini’s hair&it touches in Laksh’s face.!!!!!
They heared some voice&came to sense. Laksh removes his chain from Ragini’s necklace. They stand up.

But laksh can not stop staring at Ragini. Ragini also look at him.they stand like that for some time. Laksh felt that his heart will break now it self!.
Ragini’s situation were different.she looked surround&turnd back .she started walking.
Laksh felt a little pain in his heart.but he couldn’t find what is that!!!
Suddenly Ragini stopped. Laksh observes this.
Ragini turned&come towards Laksh. Ragini came near to Laksh&stand before him.
Laksh started breath heavily.

So how was this chapter friends.comments pls……

Suddenly Ragin

Credit to: Lakshmi

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  12. Hi my dears,thanks a lot for ur comments.I have no words to express my feelings.once again thanks.&keep supporting me. I will try my best to give u good chapters in coming days(also read ‘raglak-pyaar ki bandhan’& gave comments)

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