adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 11

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Scene 1
GH,hall. All r in a sad situation,except swara&dida. Daadi takes ragini to sofa&they sit together. Swara come near to daadi.she sit in knee&said
swara:daadi,don’t felt bad.all happend is good for laadoo,if they heared something like this after the marriage,sure, laadoo ki life will be a hell.
Daadi:yes I know that but who can put such a big blame on my laadoo?
Ragini gave an angry look to swara
Swara:daadi…woh kyaa he na…
(She started stammering)daadi,is this is the time to think about it?. Now we should think about laadoo ki future.should decide her life now it self!!!
All look swara&daadi with great excitment!!!
Ragini(in her mind):God pls help me,pls gave me a +ve answer from daadi.
Swara(in her mind):oh God ….pls make daadi to gave a good decision fav for laadoo
Daadi takes a deep sigh!
Daadi:if laadoo want work now,let her. We will not gonna fix her marriage now!!
All r become happy especially ragini&swara!!!
Ragini :daadii….
Swara:daadi,r u seriously tell this?
Swara gave a tight hug&kiss to daadi
Daadi:oyyee,chodo mujhe,nahi toh hum mar jaavongi.
Swara didn’t break the hug. Ragini also hug them
Daadi:ohhoo ye donom se muche bacha ne ki koi nahi hei idhar???
Swara& Ragini break the hug.
Ragini:thanks daadi,for understand me.
Every ones eyes were fillled with tears
Dida:oh oh..u daadi&kids is not alone here!!
Ragini comes near to her &gave a hug.
Dida wipes ragini’s tears
Dida:hamesha khush raho..
then only ragini notices shekher&sharmishta.sharmishta widend her hand towards ragini.ragini ran to them &hug shekher&sumi

Sumi&shekher gave kisses to ragini
Swara:oh oh…partiality.?this is not fair.isn’t daadi?
Daadi:yes I agree with u shona.
Dida:even I also agree that.
Shekher,sumi&ragini looked each other.and smiled.
Ragini:achaa? So come papa maa,we will go from here.if not they will become jelous on us!!!
Swara made a puppy face. Ragini,sumi&shekher laughed&go to her.
Ragini:shona,agar tum nahi he toh how can I become happy?
Swara:smile:truth,if ragini not swara is incomplete. Swara not ragini incomplete. Agar donom hei toh ab kyaa banum gaa?
all other together:SWARAGINI…..
Ragini& Swara:excactly…
swara: come we will take a happy selfie.
Daadaji:will u all pls listen me for a second.
All looked to daadaji!!
Daadaji:I am also here,don’t forget that. Ur daadi always forgot me,don’t do it again!!
All laughed.

Ragini:oh oh…if ur not with me,then how can we happy??? Come daadaji ,daadi ke sath raho.
Daadi:is ki koi zaroorat nahi. Tum udhar raho.
Ragini:wat is this daadi.?? Daadaji come I will stand with u.
Swara:r u all ready.??
Swara:then smile..
They take a happy selfie….

Scene 2
MM.hall.sanskar walking here-there. He looked to watch.
Sanky:lucky,is it get?
Lucky didn’t respond.!
Laksh come down fast.
Lucky:haaa bhai,got it.
He show a file to sanskar.sanskar take it.
Sanky:thank God….if it not get may be dad will decide to kill me!!! It is our new project ki papaers he.!!
Lucky:ohhoo,bhai I know listen u should go office now it is already late. I will come there after drop maa&chachiji.
Sanky:ok lucky,so now ur going to pick them from temple,alright so I am leaving.come fast as u can.
Lucky:ok.bhai see u in office.
Sanky leave in car to office.after that lucky also leave to temple.

Scene 3
GH.all r ready to eat breakfast.
Daadi:oh.I feel very hungry.come fast.
Sumi smiled.
Sumi:maa..every thing ready.but laadoo is not come yet.!!
Suddenly ragini came down,&started searching some thing.
Dida:wat r u searching laadoo?
Ragini:my car’s key!.
Sumi:but for wat?r u going to any where?
Ragini got key.
Ragini:here it is,haa maa.I am going to meet one&will come soon.
Daadi:but where?
Ragini run out side,while running
:will tell u after back.
Sumi:go after change ur dress
Ragini:no need maa,I like this lehenga very much..
Swara made a question face!she asked ragini through action where is she going.
Ragini answered also through action, to temple for thanking God!!
Swara gave a tumb-up&Ragini take car t temple.

Scene 4
Temple. In front of temple have some crowd.suddenly two cars came there in same time from different directions!!!
In same time laksh & ragini came out from there cars!!!
They two go to the temple same time.steped in to it always same.
Laksh & Ragini closed their eyes&folded their hands.!!!
A breeze came &it shakes ragini’s veil a little. It touches Laksh’s hand!!!
They two slowly open their eyes&go to different directions!!!! Laksh to right&Ragini to left……!!!!


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