adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 10


Hi dears, I know that the current track of ff is little boaring.but I will end it pls gave ur valid comments &suggetions.

Scene 1
GH,all r in the preparation to welcome groom’s family.
Swaragini’s room
Daadi makes ragini ready.finaly ragini got ready.(think teju in the same attair which the second time of engagement held in maheshwari house)
Daadi made ragini stand.
Daadi:meri pyaaro laadoo kitni ghubzoorat lagthi hei!!! Kisi ki nazhar padi hungi.
she gave a kiss in forehead of ragini
Daadi:laadoo tum idhar raho meim abhi avoongi.
She went out o room. Ragini go to bed&sit . Her eyes were filled with tears.
Suddenly swara entered!! She bolted the door&come next to ragini.she placed her hand on ragini’s shoulder
Ragini;wat will I do swara?my dreams,ambitions every thing gonna lost!
Swara:y r u speaking lile this ladoo?what happend now.
Ragini:If this marriage happen,I will lost my dreams.
Swara laughed.
Swara:so,this is ur reason of sadness. I thought my didi is so strong.but laadoo ur so weak by heart.look at ur face,it look so bad without ur smile.
Ragini:swara,u can’t understand my feelings.
Swara:laadoo y r u feel unhappy.bcoz of this alians.but don’t worry!this will not gonna happen!!!
Ragini:what u mean shona?
Swara:don’t be so excited laadoo.u will get answer soon…
Suddenly they heared daadi’s voice.daadi shouting someone.!!!they ran to hall.

Scene 2
GH,hall.all r gathered in there. Daadi scolding some one through phone&she cut the phone.
Sumi:what happend ma?
Daadi:they r not come.
Daadi:Devi Sharma ki family!!
All r shocked to hear,except swara&dida!!
Daadi:they told me that some one called them,a lady,&told them that our laadoo is not a good mannered girl,she is a culturless girl&have relationship with many boys!
All r become shocked to hear this,ragini get a clear picture of what happend!,she gave an angry look to swara,swara saw this she down her face&made an innocent expression
Sumi’s eyes were filled with tears!
Sumi:maa,I can’t believe this!who can told such a big lie about my Ragini.from chilhood I teach my daughters manners which a woman should have!but now,my ragini ki life ki etni badi ek avasar par,usko kisi ki vajah se etni badi aparadh sunna hogi.!!!!!
Daadi:don’t cry sumi,what happend is good.God gave a chance to understand how them r!!if the marrige got fixed our laadoo will not let her life happy.bcoz they can believe a unknown person&what she told,but can’t ask us for the truth.
Daadi come near to ragini.
Daadi:bcoz of my decision,meri laadoo ko kitni pareshan hui,!!forgive me meri bachi..
She hugged Ragini. Ragini become in a big confusion,become happy or sad??
Swara(in her mind):till now all going good,next only have one step.!!
She gave a victory smile to Dida!!


Credit to: Lakshmi

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  4. Shona saved rags from marriage yipee… How sweet

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