adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 1

Hi friends,I am so sorry that I couldn’tpost my 1stchapter of ff past 2 days. And always want to tell u a lots of thanks to gave me support and comments. Especiall dolly,sahima,kritika,janvi,kiran,rohi,devika,sam,aditi,amy,hayathi,crazy girl,meena,Kuttu,surbhi,vaishnavi&maya. Also thanks to my dear silent readers. Friends I was in a bit confusion about the pairs bcoz I got somany msgs for the pairs.finally I selected my pairs.but now I will not reveal it.sorry to say that. Wait for that.

Scene starts from the balcony. A beautiful girl sitting in a chair.she is reading a book.on her other hand she hava a tea cup. She wore a white coloe kurtha&blue jean with hair open.she have long hair.breeze shaking her hair a little.she have shining eyes&have a cute smile in her lips.(in background we can see a big flowerwase,filled with red roses)she took one of them and smell it.her face become more beautiful. The girl is Ragini!

In a room. A cute girl sleeping in the bed. She is laying in the bed,facing the window. The sunlight made her face red. Her cute face have a smile.we can’t see her beautiful red lips fully,bcoz her hair made a cover up on it. The little cute girl is Swara!
Ragini entered the room(they two in same room)she saw swara. Her face become happy&smile a little.she goes near to bed&removed swara’s hair from her face. Ragini looked at swara and think that she is still like a kid.she kissed in her forehead.
Ragini is about to turn.but swara grabed her hand. Ragini look at her. Swara is still closed her eyes but have a wide smile in her face.

Ragini:swara,are u not sleeeping?then y u laying on the bed?come on get up. It is already late.
Swara:meri pyaari ladoo,don’t get angry& don’t even think about that swara is not going to get up now.
Then she dragged Ragini to the bed.
Swara: come we will sleep together some more time.
Then she hugged ragini tightly.but Ragini break the hug &said.
Ragini:no swara I don’t want,&I will not let u too.
she draged swara out of the bed.
Swara:no,don’t pls I ….
Ragini not allow Swara to speak,she pushed swara in to the washroom&closed the door
Ragini(to herself):swara is always in her childhood
Then she hear a voice called out her name.
Ragini:ma I am coming.
Scene 3
A big hall. All are sitting in the dining table to have break fast. A beautiful women serving food to all.she is sumi.
Ragini: maa,today what is special?
Sumi:nothing special but I made some carrot halwa for u.
Ragini:what?carrot halwa,I love u maa love u so much.
She kissed sumi .sumi smiled &kissed her back.

Shekher: what is thi?I told ur mother to make it&now u gave ur love only for her
Ragini:sorry papa,how I know that?
She hugged shekher and gave him also a kiss.
Sumi:shekher u r become a kid day by day. How u can?u r a father of two young girls.don’t forget that.
Ragini(in a teasing tone): not only he.some times u also forgot that.
Sumi looked ragini with a question look.ragini made a naughty face.(I hope u all understand that).
sumi become blush& grabed her ears.
Ragini: maa,leave me, is really painful.
Daadi:Ladoo,we r also here,sirf tum theenom nahi.
Only after that Ragini think that.she make a sorry face&go to daadi.
Ragini:sorry daadi,I didn’t forgot u .how I can forgot my beautiful roses.?
Then she gave kisses to 3 of them,daadi l,daadaji&dida.
Dida:laado,where is shona,?

Suddenly heared swara’s voice.
Swara:I am here. Are u all finished ur kissing competition,then pls look at me also
every one look at her&start burst out of laughing. Swara become angry.
Swara:will u pls stop it.
all become silent. But,Ragini can’t control her laugh,she started laughing again. Swara get super angry.

Precap:swaragini’s funny fight&entry of heroes!!

How was my ff’s first chapter?if u like it pls comment me that.I need ur support for my next my dears I hope u all will gave me ur valid comments. Thank u

Credit to: Lakshmi


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