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He! Guys
I’m back with my 3rd episode. Hope u like it. Sorry 4 late update. thank u friends for all ur support & wish u happy holy.

★★★★★3rd EPISODE ★★★★★★

THe episode starts with someone holding Swara. As Swara collide with d boy & about to fall when same boy save her by holding her from her waist. Swara close hr eyes as she scared from falling down but suddenly she fell someone’s hand on her wrist & feels butterfly by his touch . She open her eye she is totally amazed by seeing him. She totally get lost in his dream but d boy break her dream
Boy- excuse me miss. Hello….( by waving his hand) where were u lost. Aren’t u see & walk.u know because of u I’m gonna late

Swara came to reality
S- sorry!
B- only sorry & u think dat I forgive for this. As because of ur just sorry I can’t get my time return. I don’t know y but girls r so irritating but I never see a girl like u. U r just a Dumbo

S- oh Mr……. whatever u r. Just be in ur limit.I m saying sorry na then y r u creating drama here. I’m not saying u any word its not mean that all d mistake is mine its also ur mistake
ya I’m except that I’m not see u while walking as I’m in hurried but wat about u. didn’t u have eye or what that u only responsible me for all this

B- Oh. Behave u r self. U know who I’m? pls stop ur bakbak else. u know what u have to how to walk
S- oh really. Ill but first u learn how to behave with girl. Isn’t u r mom teach u d values( Sanskar)

The water drop fall from his eyed. He fumes in anger. He couches swara’s hand tightly & say
B- how dare u to talk about my mother
Swara fells pain & then she realize that she since in a boy’s arm
S- I’m only telling u d truth.but can u pls let me to stand on my feet
A boy fumes but he realized that he since hold. He make her stand in anger but by mistakenly she fall on d floor & screen
S- aaaauuuuchchhhh.r u mad or wat if u only want to see hurt me then earlier y r u help me by saving me
Boy realize it & he is about to explain & help her but suddenly a man come to him
M- Sanskar sir! U here. We were finding u from last 5 mins & now ur “brother also lost somewhere
San- ok! U go ill find him

Sankar is about to leave when he hear
S- I think now a days people’s name is totally opposite to their personality ( by taunting Sanskar)
He hear her words but not give reply to her as he is in horrid
He leaves. Swara is trying to stand but she didn’t as her leg twist

Then Suddenly another boy went near her & extend his hand
B2- can I help u
S- no its ok! Ill manage it by myself
B2- oh pls just look at ur self. how will u gonna manage. & u know wat I love to help girls
Swara put her one eye brow up.
B2- oh pls don’t get me wrong. I mean
to say that I always stand front to help girls as I do respect of all girls. ok
now give me ur hand. don’t worry. Ill not let u fall
she give her hand to him. He pulls her to him. She stands very close to him. He get memorized by seeing her

S- oh! Hello. Where were u lost?
B- ( he came to reality) no….nowhere
by d way. I’m Laksh. “Laksh Mehra ” u. May call me lukky
S- I’m Swara “Swara Arora” nice to meet u. By shaking hands
L- ok! Den meet u soon bye swara
S- bye

He is passing from main gate when Ragini get entered. They both were passing from same path but in opposite direction. Unfortunately raginis chunri fall on Laksh face. Their hand touches to each others hands. Luksh stop & turn to see her face but he couldn’t. He then turn & started to move.
Ragini also feel something. She stopped, turn to find him but she couldn’t. they start walking. While happening these a song plays in bg
{Mujhse hi aaj mujhko mila de Dekhoon aadaton mein, tu hai ki nahi
Har saans se pooch ke bataa de
Inke faaslon mein, tu hai ki nahi (x2)
Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas..
Tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi
Tu hai ki nahi…
Daudte hain khwaab jinpe rasta woh
tu lage
Neend se jo aankh ka hai waasta woh
tu lage
Tu badalta waqt koi khushnuma sa pal
Tu woh lamha jo na thehre aane
waala kal mera
Main aas-paas tere aur mere paas..
Tu hai ki nahin
Tu hai ki nahin
Tu hai ke nahin
Tu hai ki nahin…}

Ragini came near swara & ask her
R- oh Swara I’m waiting 4 u since last 10 min. Where were u & WAT r u doing here ? Is u ok na?
S- wait wait wait Ragini. So many Question in one time. Ok ill tell u but In taxi as we already late
R- ok! Swara. Lets go

Pragya is bussy in cooking but d boy is continuously watching her & notice her all movement. As she get bussy. He silently went near her by moving his legs forward softly without making any noise. He hug hr from her Back
Pragya get scared & turned to see his face but she couldn’t as his half face is covering with d hat which is attached with his jacket. He wore blue jeans ,white T-shirt with black jacket
Pragya scared more by seeing his half covered face but den also she not shout as she feel this touch before also but she started hitting him by spoon which is already in her hand.
but suddenly d voice come from person
B- pragya auuauu stop stop. Its me its me ur fiance ur abhi
Pragya shock & immediately uncover his face & its none other than abhi

P- abhii?????? U u….u here at this time & how u entered here?
A- wait wait wait foogii. Ill tell u
He tell her how making her fool he entered in her house & notice her since 10 min
P- oh so that u
A- ya that’s me but u bitten me but this must not be happen after all its my right to hug my to be wife
P- I’m sorry abhi. Actually I think dat u r someone else
A- oh. How do u think this. All over d India know dat u r mine. After all u r rockstar fiance. But u bit me so much. So u have to pay for it
P- ok. tell me what is my punishment

A- ok so kiss me
P- k…ki …kiss u. no way. never
Abhi step forward but pragya step backward. But after some step pragya don’t have any space to move as there is a wall in her back. He pin her on d wall
P- what r…..u do…..oing abhi. I haa…..Ave to go. I think bulbul.ya bulbul
Calling me. I’ve to go.
A- r u making me fool. I know dat she is out of station for 15 to 16 days with Purab right
P- ya u r right. I’m only jocking actually……cockroache
A- oh again u want to make me fool but this time also I’m not going to be “fool ok

Pragya show him cockroache & he jumping here & there with pragya. Cockroach fall down from his shoulder. They both went on d sofa but pragya legs twisted & she fall on sofa on abhi. They had intense eye lock. While this a song play

{Assmaan tera mera hua
Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
“Aasmaan tera mera hua
Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan
Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye
Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2] Tu jo mila toh yun hua
Ho gayi poori adhoori si duaa
Tu jo gaya, toh le gaya sang tere
Mere jeene ki har wajah
Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye
Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2] Tumpe miti tumse bani
Tumse hua hai haan khud pe yaqeen
Tu jo nahi to naa sahi
Main hoon yahaan toh tu hai yahin kahin
Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye
Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara [x2]

Swaragini enters there with their luggage but they decided to surprise pragya so they went directly in hall without knocking door but they surprise by seeing abhigya like this
S- Awwww see Ragini they are looking so cute na
R- ya Swara hope they remain like this
S- ok u see now. What I’m doing
Swara went near them & say
S- romance ha
Abhi noded to yes
Pragya get into reality & cutely jerk him

Abhi also Came in reality
pragya notice Swara was standing there

P- sw…swa….ara. u …u here. Actually na ….
S- oh di y r u sweating. Its ok we can understand. And after all u r d fiance & soon be husband & wife
A- ya pragya she is saying true
pragya give him angry look
P- no do not take him seriously. U know na he always crack jokes
R- oh di. Don’t take any stress. She is pulling ur legs.

Pragya run after Swara. They had sister moment.
A- ok u guys enjoy. I’m going as I’ve to prepare for my next concert.

Abhi went to his house & surprise by seeing Sanlak their
A- what d present surprise guys. When u came here & y not u call me
San- bhai this is lukky’s idea. So we think to surprise u. Bhai but where is Purab & ya our heart Twinkle
A- don’t worry guys Purab is out of station with bulbul for business work
& our heart that means our only little sister would be with us soon after completing her graduation. As she is in final year in law. As u both r very tired so go end change & return hear for lunch. Ill be waiting for u. Ramu (abhi’s servant ) take their luggage & show them there respective room


A big college is showing. Where there is showing a big red BMW car arrive . From where a girl lifted down from a car. She is wearing red colour short top & black colour shorts. She is looking really gorgeous.

She just enter in colledge & every one stared at her. Girls because of jellousy & boys cause her beauty. She directly go near Chinki & they both went out side
One boy by seeing Twinkle.
B1 – bhai. Yaaaar this Kunj is so lucky by getting her. I guess ….
Another boy cut off him
B2- wait wait bhai. Don’t discuss here can’t u remember last time how d boy was bitten by d Romeo(Kunj)

B1- ya I remember but I’m not losser like dat boy u see how I made her mine
B2- u will obviously gonna bitten by d Romeo u carry on I’m going else..
B1- ya go go. I really don’t want such a bigg losser in my gangue. Common lets follow me
Other boys;- ya lets go

They went near twinkle.
B- he baby. Meet me I’m Rohit Singhania d son of rich bussiness man. Saurab singhania. U know d singhania group of industries that’s belong to me
T- Rohit…Mohit whatever u r. I’m not intrested in talk with u. So go to hell.I know u. how u always behind all girls

She is about to leave when. D boy hold her hand& say
B- oh miss beauty of college so much attitude ha. One day ill definitely break ur attitude. & yes give me one answer. What is there in d blo*dy Kunj that not me. I’m good looking, handsome & most of all rich. That’s not ur Kunj

She jerk his hand & say
T- oh pleas. D money does not matter for me but love,caring & most of all respects for girls & that u doesn’t had but my Kunj has all d values & ya don’t dare to talk any words for my Kunj else
B- else. Else what?
He again hold her hand & pull her closer. Chinki try to beat d boy but she doesn’t. The boy jeark her & she fall. Twinkle try to push him away but he doesn’t. The boy came more close to her but she slap him. He fumes & gonna slap her but someone hold his hand & bit him.
He,is wearing red T-shirt, black jeans,black bleasure & goggle
he remove his Gogle & give it to twinkle. Twinkle get happy & hug him
He started bit d boy. He show all his stunts. D rest of d boy which is in d gaung of 1st boy has came & bit him
but he anyhow manages to fight with all 8 to 9 boys. He bit all of them blue black.
he went near Twinkle & hug her. She also hug him back & says
T- Thank God. Kunj u came here on time else

Kunj put his finger on her lips & say
K- no baby. Don’t say anything. Ill never let happen anything to u. Ill always there wen u need me, when u r in trouble
K- ( shouts) listen carefully everybody if anyone can want to harm her or even see her with any bad intention. Then ill not gonna leave him. Ill take his life.

D screen freezes on Twinj faces

• abhigya moments
• Swasan knok-jhok. Swalak friendship, Raglak 1st meet
• Twinj moment
• Raj entry

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Credit to: sonali

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