adhuri kahani hamari (TEI,SR,KB,APHG) abhigya’s entry Episode 1


He friends
Here I’m gonna write my 1st episode. Thanks to all of u 4 ur support

In Arora mention,

A girl is shown doing arti. Then she went to the room & give a big smile
by seeing another girl on d bed & shout
G- Bulbul ! Wake up now
B- oh!Pragya di, let me sleep 4 more 5 mins
P- ok! Sleep but don’t tell me if ur boss shout on u
Bulbul listen d word boss & instantly wake up & say
B- omg!! Wat can i do now. I’m definitely gonna killed by my boss
By saying dis she immediately went to washroom
P-ok get ready & came down 4 breakfast

pragya went down & then she get a call it flashesh ‘ Ragini ‘ . Pragya pick d call

P- hello! Ragini, how r u?, how was Swara?, are u dicided 2 return India? If den when u both r coming?
S- Di di di! Wait 1st of all I’m Swara not Ragini. Actually di she is bussy in packing & don’t worry di we will be there before tomorrow evening. Ok di we’ll call u later, I’ve to help ragini. Bye di
P- ok bye!


a boy is sleeping on d bed. On d background of d bed there is the big
Frame of Abhi in Rockstar gesture.
Yes it is Abhi’s room& d boy is none other than abhi. Then another boy insert & say
Sm1-GM! Bhai, wake up now its too late

A- he Purab, let me sleep
P- bhai. Dadi is calling u down. I’m going 2 office.
A- u go, I’m coming

Abhi came at hall take d blessing of dadi & ask for Purab.
D- beta, u know na. He is really serious about his time
A- Ya dadi! Infact I’m thinking about bulbul. How can she manage wit him.

Just den his phone ring & it flashes as Bulbul
A- ya! Bulbul,y u call me. Is everything is okey ? Is Pragya fine NA?
B- ya! Everything is fine & afcours, di is perfect. Actually, Jiju I’m in big trouble
A- wat happen 2 u? Are u ok
B- Actually, uptill now. I’m ok but not
not after sometime because I’m gonna 2 die
A- wt happen bulbul pls say me clearly
B- actually Jiju, i. …I’m. ……
A- oh! Pls tell me. Don’t worry, u know na u r like my small sister u can discuss anything wit me
B- Jiju, I’m not completed my work uptill now. Actually cause of headache i sleep yesterday so early & now my car tired get punctured. Pls Jiju help me na. Otherwise my boss. ..
A- boss???
B- it’s Purab
“A- oh! U don’t worry about him ill manage. u just return 2 ur home & get ready 4 picnic
B- picnic???
A- ya its my plan listen (muted )

Pragya in her room, is working on her laptop. She get a call from Abhi
A- hello fuggi. How r u?
P- I’m ok but now I’m bussy. Ill call u back
A- oh! How can u bussy in holiday also
P- holiday?? Mr Abhi Mehra. For ur kind information ill tell u that. Today is Monday not a Sunday. So pls
A- oh! But today is holiday for me.
P- its only 4 u but not for all of us
A- ok now I’ve decided it
P- but how can u decided
A- ok! Tell me, who is the owner of company
P- u
A- obviously. The who will decided which 1 is working day & which 1 is holiday?
P- ok Baba! But what’s d reason behind it
A- actually. I want 2 spend my time with my to be wife
P- oh really. Den what about of d arrengment for d next concert
A- oh. Fuggi. Y u r taking so much stress. It is after 5,6 days
P- but Abhi
A- no, i don’t wanna 2 listen anything today is holiday & we all r going 4 picnic & this is ur boss order
P- ok den I’m gonna doing my packing

On 11 am all 4 r gathered 4 going picknic
Abhi drive d car & Pragya sit besides him. Bulbul& Purab r sitter in back sit showing angry look 2 each other

Abhi started 2 drive & continuously look at Pragya as she is wearing a long
Gaun. She is looking so pretty.
Suddenly a car cm infront of their car & suddenly Abhi apply break
Pragya get jerk & she not knowingly place her hand on abhi’s hand & suddenly they realise & see each other & loss in each other eyes

Precap:- abhigya moments & entry of swaragini & sanlak

I’m really sorry 4 late posting,actually I’m bussy in daily typical shedule don’t worry guys I’m from tomorrow ill daily post atlist one episode.thq u all 4 ur comments

Credit to: sonali

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