adhuri kahani hamari (TEI,SR,KB,APHG) abhigya moment, sanlak &swarag entry, Episode 2

**** 2nd episode ****

Recap;- Abhi’s plan of picnic.

Abhigya was lost in each other.At Behind Bulbul fall on Purab & they also lost in each other but suddenly sm1 pep d horn & all came 2 reality

After 30 minutes they all went on d beach. Purab & bulbul go 2 d cantene whike Abhigya go straight near d Beach & sit there by holding each other hand, Pragya’s head is on Abhi’s shoulder & abhi’s head is on Pragya’s head
P- oh! This is so beautiful!
A-U know y I made d plan 2 come here?
P- (d tear come in her eyes) how can i forgot. These is d only place which has last moment of our parents.

A- ( tear in his eyes) u remember Pragya, 10 yrs before
all our 4 families made an plan for Singapore, but we all( swaragini,sanlak,twinkle,Raj,purab,bulbul,Abhi & Pragya) decided that let our parents enjoy some moments without us but I really don’t know that this would be happen. This is all because of me. I guess if I’m also go along with them

Pragya immediately put hr hand on his face. Tear rolled down her& his face. She wipe his tears & cup his face & say
P- don’t say this. U know na i can’t think even a moment without u & u r
& how many times i will told u that its not ur mistake & i wont to tell u 1 thing that if u again repeat this stupid words then ill never talk 2 u. & u know
what y we r alive 2 complete our mom’s last wish.

10 years ago a plane crash happens where there is a present our heros parents. All r died in dat accident excluding Pragya’s mom & abhi’s mom they both r serious. When d news got spread Abhigya went their 2 meet their mother. Abhi went 2 his mother
abhi’s mother – beta u came. Thank God that God had given me a chance to tell u my last wish
A- NO. Mom nothing will gonna happen to u. U’ve to live 4 us. How can we spend whole life without u all. U have 2 alive mom

A.M- no beta its non possible because my time had come. But u promise me that Promise me that ull treat them with to much love as their parents & especially Twinkle as she is too small she even don’t know wat is happen to me promise me
A- i promise u mom. I promise u dat ill love twinkle more than my life. Ill never live her alone
A.M – beta after 10 yrs ull get to know a big hidden thing. Which will totally break u but u zshould stand with ur family against a big trouble
A- mom but Wat is dat thing
M.A – u all will be get 2 inform but after 10 yrs & my last wish is ………
…..Tw….wwwiiinkle& R….aaaaa..j
And she died
The same talk is happened between Pragya & her mom
FB end

A- ya foogie u r telling true. We success 2 fulfill our moms promise , now its turn 2 complete their wishes
P- but Abhi wat is that hidden thing uptill now. We didn’t find it
A- don’t worry foogie, soon we get to know that

At restorent,
Purab & Bulbul both complete their lunch & come near abhigya & notice their silence
B- see how romantically they r sitted their but it will bored me, no masti, no fun.
P- ya bulbul. U r absolutely correct even I’m also thinking this 1st time u spoke any correct thing
B-oh pls Purab I’m always right
P- then when i tell u thatg ur in left
B- hahaha very sadu joke( angry way)
P- ok! Ok! But now wat can we do to break this silence
B- Mr Purab. U don’t know with whom u r standing.
P- Oh really. Then prove me
B- don’t challenge me. Look I’ll show u

Bulbul go near Pragya & start throwing water on them
P- Bulbul ki Bacchi. Stop I will teach u the lesson.

Pragya then ran after Bulbul and Purab do the same thing with Abhi & Abhi also ran after Purab
Purab give some sign to bulbul
Purab & bulbul r running at opposite 2 each other. They came infront of each other & then den turn to other side. Abhigya which running back of Purab & Bulbul r unknowingly collide & fall on each other. They share an
intense eye lock
🙂 😉
They all enjoy fun their & at night return at home
Room & thinking about d moment spend with each other

On d next morning
As usual pragya doing arti & suddenly a door bell rang she complete her arti & went to open d door.

She open d door & couldn’t find anyone. She go outside to find who rang d bell but again there not find anyone then she think to return back
But sm1 who hidden r came inside d home & hide again behind d sofa ( his face is not shown)

Two boys came. Both r looking very hot one is wearing white shirt,blue jeans & blue jacket which is continuously watching girls is none other than our ‘ Laksh ‘
Another one is wearing black shirt ,black jeans & red bleasure which is not intresting in vgirls is none other than our cute one”Sanskar”
Both r waking towards d main gate but suddenly sanskar cell ring he went to attend d call
On d other side 2 beautiful girls arives
on airport one is wearing a simple typical Indian dress is none other than our “Ragini ”
Another girl wearing a model western dress is our favourite ” Swara ”

S- u go I’m coming from washroom

After returning Swara collide with one one handsome boy. Swara is about to fall but d boy hold her from her waist. Swara closed her eyes but she fill something &open her eyes & saw d boy. Both lost in each other

Percap:- swasan cute fight. Raj entry

Guess guys who is d unknown person is went inside d Arora mention & who is d another boy who collide with Swara

Thank u guys 4 ur support & sorry 4 to long episode as i want to show d entry of sanlak & swaragini

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