adhuri kahani hamari (TEI,KB,SR,APHG) Episode 5


he friends here I’m with my 5th episode. hope u’ll enjoy it. thanks u all for always supporting me & also I want to thank all silent readers.

★★★★ 5th Episode. ★★★★★

At morning,

Abhi’s room. Abhi is still sleeping & having a broad smile on his face. (May be he is dreaming about pragya) but his phone continuously ringing since half an hour & he still sleeping.

After an hour he awake & find 27 missed calls & one text message. He read it

P- y r u not answering my call. R u still
angry with me for last day incident. Pls its now too much abhi because I already tell u so many sorry. Abhi I want to meet u pls come In same Restorent where we usually go at 12 pm. Pls come on time. Don’t gate late

He smile & look for time & his smile fade away & get tensed

A- oh no its already 12: 06. I’m so lazy. How can someone wake at this time. Now what shall I do.

Sanlak arrive at his room & shock by seeing abhi tensed

S- what happen to u bhai. R u ok. Pls bhai tell us if there is any problem. :We will help u to solve it.

Abhi share all things to them.

S- u know bhai. That’s y I don’t like girls. They always like that.

A- u r scaring me or helping me

S- No bhai but What is happening to day by day. U r rockstar. U not need to scared with any one.if u gate late then go & handle her.

L- No bro dont listen to him u r a rockstar but not for her .

A- ya he is telling write. I’m definitely a rockstar but not for her. But now what can I do then

S- I ve an idea. Y not u impress her by giving her any rose boequet.

L- bro bro bro. What is happening to u haan. From when u r started giving suggestions about love & all. Is u…..

S- oh pls lukky not again here.

L- ok ok. But bro this plan will not work properly. So if i would be in ur place then I pretend to her that I meet with an accident. So that
I get her concern,love as well as i can able to spend some romantic moment with her & she will not being angry on me anymore. What say

A- oh. U r awesome yar. Thanks & ya I’ve some plan for u both y not u both went at mall for shopping as u need some material for ur office

S & L- okay bhai we definitely go their thanks

At restorent.

pragya is sitted on table continuously trying to call abhi but he is not answering his. This time Pragya get more angry & about to leave when she see abhi was coming she is about to burst on him but suddenly she notice his legs & show concerned to him

P- abhi wat happen to u. Abhi sit ….sit

She help him as he is not able to stand properly

A- I’m really sorry pragya. I want to come here at time but I met with an accident.

P- oh God! Y u came here. U can simply massage me. Ok wat u want I’ll order it

At mall

Sanlak enter their where Swaragini is already present but in laddies apartment. They all get bussy in there shopping. Sanlak complete their shopping

L- bhai I’m really tired as well as hungry

San- ok den come.we will go to food area
Swaragini is also done with shopping

R- y not we eat something as I’m so hungry

S- really good idea. Even I also thinking same. Ok den wat u want to eat

S & R- chocolate pastries?????
They both smile & went there. They sit opposite to Sanlak table.

San- lukky so wat u want to eat.

L- u know bhai

San- ok then ill order it

Sanskar went near counter & order two pastries but suddenly he get a call & went to answer it.

During this Laksh notice Swara & mesmerized seeing her. He came near her

L- he hi! Swara. Wat a pleasent surprise u here.

S- oh Laksh. Nice to meet u. Ok meet she is my sister “Ragini “(pointing to Ragini) & ya Ragini meet my friend “Laksh”

L- oh hi! Ragini.

he extend his hand towards her.but Ragini is lost in him.he wave his hand infront of her.

L- r u ok!
Ragini came to reality

R- oh y…ya. I….I’m…r..Ragini
they both shake their hand.

S- ok guys. U both continue. I’m coming by order something.


there is night. ( I don’t know guys d time difference between India & other country. So pls ignore it)

Twinkle is in hostel thinking about Kunj but suddenly hiccups start. She drink water but couldn’t work.

In Kunj room

K- oh God! I’m missing u my siyappa queen & I want to meet u. Ya great idea why not I go & meet her. But how ? as now She is leaving in hostel & boys is not allowed & it is ni8 too
ya great idea. But could it work.
Oh leave it

He went to college girls hostel. Twinkle room is in 1st floor & there is d restrictions that boys r not allowed to meet with girls.
K- how can I get there in her room without get noticed by others.
he looks here & there & find ladder their
K- idea!!!! Y not I go through d ladder directly in her room.

In Restorent,
abhigya finished their lunch
P- u know abhi. There is good news.
Abhi give her confuse look.
P- oh pls abhi. Now u r going to be my hubby. So u have to first listen whole thing then react. Ok where m I? Ya so good news is that Raj is coming from London.
A- oh wow. My brother in law was returning but r

• Sanlak cute fighting
• pragya to know d reality that abhi is only pretending

Credit to: sonali

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