adhuri kahani hamari (TEI,KB,SR,APHG) Episode 4


he! guys I’m back with my 4th episode hope u like it

★★★★★★ 4th EPISODE ★★★★★

The episode starts with Twinj enter in canteen.

Kunj concerned her

K- don’t cry Twinkle. I’m with u. Ur Kunj is with u

Twinkle hug him tight.
( Jo tuh mera hamdard hai ….z….)

They sit there

T- how do u know dat I’m in a danger & ya how is ur fever. ( she check touching his forehead by her hand) I told u na dat u should rest home but thank God u r ok now.

K- I don’t know how but I feel that u r in danger. So i decided to came here

T- I’m so lukky Kunj that I get u as my bf.

K- but I’m still in confusion. That how every time we both get to know that our partner r in danger earlier itself

T- may be its because God has made us for each other. Ok Kunj lets go else we gonna miss our class

They leave from their.

In Mehra mention,

Sanlak room, Sanlak is talking about their meeting with a girl & bothz of them unware of they r talking about
same girl “Swara”

L- u know bhai I meet with a girl today at airport.

San- so. What’s new in that. Uu everyday meet wit new girl even I’m really amaze how u bear them. They r too irritating. (but suddenly Swara ‘s pics flashes in his mind & remember her moment when she innocently say sorry) but some r cute too

L- ( Swara pic flashesh in his mind ) ya cute & beautiful too.( He realise

Sanskar word & by doing one eyebrow up ) wait wait wait bhai wat u just said pls said it once.

San- ya some are cu…… (suddenly he realize wat he just said) I… I mean some r cute just like our twinki. U know na she is too cute.

L- ok bhai. Its ur turn

San- ok. I also meet wit a girl. She is irritating

L- its not new bhai. U always find every girl irritating only. z

San- she collide with me. Actually its not only her fault but my also.we both collide with each other but u know my charector, when I’m angry I blame other for my mistake also. I really fell sorry for her as by my mistake she fall on flour. I want to say sorry to her.

L- don’t worry bhai when ull met her again u say sorry to her ok. But wait from when u fell sorry & especially for girls. I mean wat maggic she did on u or u start falling fo ……

San- stop lukky. Its not like that wat r u thinking. Now see d time. We should sleep now ok. GN

L- GN bhai.

Sanskar sleep. While Laksh still thinking

L- ( to his soul) bhai. I know u r like coconut hard from outside but really soft from ur heart. I know when u meet girl u remember d insident & that’s why u behave very rudely with them. But i know one day u change. Someone change u and I know she is none other than that same girl which u meet today. And I make it possible ill find her even from d heven also. Only for u bhai as I really love u more than my life. Its my promise

In Arora mention ,

Swaragini room.

Ragini is sleeping while Swara is still thinking about same incident.

S- oh God today I meet with two guys. But they r really opposite from each other. One who respect girls & another one who even not speak properly with girl. One who care for girls & another who only know how to trouble them. One’s name is Laksh & another one’s name Sanskar. Huh d name is really opposite to his personally. But when I seen his eyes I see innocence in that as well as some thing which really heart him. I think he may have facing many problem in his like. May God give him nice life partner who help him to convert into human being from animal

The screen frizzed on all three faces partly. In left side Sanskar, at right Laksh & in middle Swara is there

PRECAP ;- • abhigya cute fight.
• Swasan meet again & fight for pastries
• raglak 1st meeting

Hope u guys like it. Keep thinking to whom Swara is?

Credit to: sonali

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  2. Nice but no abhigya scenes

  3. awesome…….twinj…I like them very much….

  4. Abhigya seen plz

  5. swalak please

  6. Sonali it’s just soooooooo good

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