Adhuri Kahani Hamari Review: Antique tale of love and rebirth; Catchy intense aspects missing

And TV’s new show Adhuri Kahaani Humari started airing on 16th November 2015. This show presents a story of rebirth to complete a love union. As the title suggests, the lovers did not unite in the last birth by many hurdles and separation. Hence, they complete the love union in this present birth. The love is strong emotion, and similarly strong is jealousy. The story takes you back and forth in past and present scenario.

Adhuri Hamari Kahani

The story deals with a sweet girl Manasvini called Manu. She was Madhav’s love in the past. A jealousy struck Naagin was also in love with Prince Madhav. She has killed Manu and left their love story incomplete. After many years, Manu is reborn as Radhika, whereas Madhav is reborn as Krish. She meets her love Madhav/Krish once again. Radhika lands in same location for her film making project and gets to know her past.

Main Characters:

Manasvini/Radhika:hamari Manu is young, cheerful and beautiful girl. She is very bold and fearless with a pure heart. She has been trained to become a Dev Rakshika in the Garuda temple. She stays with her Bua and Badi Amma. Her Bua Devsena is also a Dev Rakshika. Manu wants to become like Devsena one day. She has grown up by Badi Amma’s restrictions according to the traditions and rules for Dev Rakhisha. She knows she has to join as Devrakshika soon. She is Madhav’s childhood friend and in love with him. She is reborn as Radhika to get her love Madhav and tackle the Naagin Maya.

Prince Madhav/Krish:hamari1Madhav is Manu’s childhood friend. He is the prince of the dynasty. He stays happy being with Manu. He is naughty, but good at heart. He does not like talking to girls, expect his only friend Manu. They both share a strong friendship. He shares his dreams and secrets with Manu. He is a free minded guy and does not want Manu to be away from him for any reason. Madhav is possessive about Manu and says she is just Madhav’s. Madhav knows about the Naagmani. He is reborn as Yuvraj Krish.

Maya:hamari2 Maya is the Icchadhari Naagin. She resides in the dark jungle, where Manu and Madhav step in. She spots them together. She falls in love with Madhav and gets jealous with Manu. Her powers grow on full moon night, where she comes in human form for long hours. She stays human at night, and turns into snake in the ray of sunlight. She befriends Madhav. Maya meets Manu and gets to know more about Madhav from her. Maya has jealousy and fake emotions in her love. She wants to win Madhav’s love to get the Naagmani from him.


Mahima Makwana as Manu/Radhika
Laksh Lalwani as Yuvraj Madhav
Suhani Dhanki as Maya
Shubhangi Atre Poorey as Devsena
Pragati Mehra as Madhav’s mother
Himani Shivpuri as Bui Maa
Gajendra Chauhan

Story So Far:

hamari10The story starts in present birth scene, where Radhika wakes up from a bad nightmare. She calls out Madhav. She does not know Madhav and gets puzzled herself. She stays with her Bui Maa. She has to go with her friends to shoot a documentary for her film making course. She tells Bui Maa about her trip to Sitapur. Radhika leaves for Sitapur with her friends and gets a hint about that place. She recognizes the place as if she has visited it before.

hamari16Radhika goes to call Bui Maa and walks towards the cliff edge. She is almost falling, when a guy holds her hand and saves her.The guy turns out to be her past birth love Yuvraj Madhav who has taken rebirth as Krish. They have an argument and he jumps into the river. She looks for him while her friends come there. Yuvraj Krish comes out of the waters and his guards tell him about call from home. Radhika then looks around and recalls her past bits. Radhika gets inside the Garud mandir, while her friends make the guards busy. She enters the mandir. Devsena wakes up and comes face to face with Manu-Radhika. Radhika gets hard to believe that she was Manu in her last birth. The statue of Garuda cries, which means the incomplete story will be taken forward in this birth. Devsena and Radhika dance together like they danced in their Radhika’s previous birth. Yuvraj enters the temple and sees them dancing. Radhika’s friends get stunned seeing Radhika’s new side. Radhika falls unconscious. Yuvraaj Krish stares at her and lifts her just the same way as their previous birth.

hamari20Later, Radhika gets conscious and is shocked seeing herself at the strange temple. Devsena calls her Manu. Radhika tells Devsena that she is Radhika. She is not Manu. Devsena shows Manu her portrait. She requests Manu to become Dev Rakshina like her. Manu recalls her past as Manasvini. Manu loved her Bua Devsena and idolized her. Manu was taken by the guards to meet Prince Madhav. The pandit tells Madhav’s mother about dangers hanging around him. Madhav takes Manu inspite of his Badi Amma’s warning. Madhav and Manu enter the forest where no one stepped in 100 years. Manu tries to stop him, but she is forced to go with him. Madhav’s mum gets to know this and is worried for his life.

hamari21Madhav and Manu have some romance in jungle. The snake woman sees them from far. She hears their conversation. Badi Amma is worried as Madhav and Manu are coming very close. Devsena tells her that they are childhood friends. Madhav tells Manu that he loves to be with her. His leg gets stuck in pit, while Manu helps him. Madhav comes home. Badi Amma informs Madhav’s mother about Madhav breaking Dev Rakshika’s tradition by taking away Manu. She will punish Manasvini. She asks Madhav’s mother to control him. Manu comes home being afraid of Badi Amma. Badi Amma slaps Manu. Madhav’s mother also warns him asking him not to break Dev Rakshika’s rules, else Manu will be punished for it. Manu is asked to walk on burning coal. Madhav reaches there and is shocked to see her.

Our Take:

hamari14The show does not bring any new concept. Though story is simple to make lovers defy death and unite after incarnation to fulfill the promise of love is interesting. It has love, friendship, betrayal, unfilled desires and much more running against the time. It is related to many such old movies and serials based on reincarnations and love tales. The cast is good. Mahima and Laksh shine as the leads. Their chemistry is wonderful. Suhani Dhanki is good in giving venomous looks of the Naagin. The characters are nicely drawn. Even supporting case is very appropriate. The show looked new investment in a tested concept. Screenplay and pace is good. There is not much dragging unlike other shows. The love story still misses the charm and poise. Hope coming weeks brings some intensity in the earlier birth love story. Viewers would like the show for the leads, instead the story. Laksh Lalwani as the compassionate lover Yuvraj Madhav/Krish is the highlight of the show.


A good try by And tv. Rebirth story should bring more aspects in the love tale. As per the start, it is moderately good. Not a must watch with great story. Could be watched by such rebirth love tales fans.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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