Adhuri Kahani Hamari 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with aunt/phuphi freeing Radhika thinking she is Puru. Radhika comes out of cage and takes her form. Phuphi is shocked to see her. Preeti comes holding her black magic sword and attacks Radhika. Radhika escapes. Preeti attacks Radhika repeatedly and she escapes. Preeti stabs Phuphi by mistakes and she falls down and shatters into ash. Radhika is shocked and Preeti says even she will die like this and leaves.

Puru and Avni comes back and get happy seeing ash. They think Preeti dayan killed Radhika and enjoy champagne laughing that they are lone owners of Krish’s property now. Preeti comes and asks them to stop laughing as ash is of Puru’s mother. Puru and Avni are shocked. They yell at Preeti for killing his mother. Puru and Avni pack

their bag to go to London and discuss that Radhika will kill them else.

Krish’s mom cries holding his pic and tells her daughter and son that they misunderstdood Radhika, but she always tried to protect family and is even trying hard now to protect them from Preeti dayan.

Puru walk out of room. Door gets locked. Radhika comes in via magical powers. Avni gets afraid and pleads to forgive her. Puru rushes to Krish’s family and pleads to save Anvi. They say he and Avni will die for killing Krish. Radhka tries to strangulate Avni, but her hand gets injured due to garud dev’s taweez. Avni looks at her taweez and laughs that she cannot kill her now and will be killed instead. She walks out of room laughing and tells Puru that nagin cannot kill them as they have garud dev’s protection.

Krish’s sister tries to nurse Radhika’s wound. Radhika says it will not heal as it is inflicted by Garud dev’s divya dhaaga. Mom says she knows how Avni got that taweez. Avni tells Preeti and Puru that she saw Radhika unable to enter garud math and realized she cannot harm her with garuddev’s taweez and cannot enter math. Preeti says they will have to stay in math forever, else once they get out Radhika will kill them. They both say they will escape to US today.

Precap: Puru pleads Rathika to forgive him. She says she promised Krish to take revenge. She skills him and Avni and says her only motto is to kill Preeti dayan.

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