Adhuri Kahani Hamari 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start with everyone in the hall..Radhi is captured in Preeti’s spell..Preeti ask Tulsi to show her real form..Tulsi turn back into her real form…Preeti and K2 ridicule Tulsi for being a kid and went against Tulsi…Radhi give her phone to Tulsi and ask her to run away…she tell her to save Krish but Tulsi didn’t run..she stayed back to save Radhi..she agree to follow Preeti’s order…Preeti ask family to create a Chitah for Tulsi..they denied so Preeti tortured Om and they agree..they created a Cheetah..K2 lit the fires..Preeti ask Tulsi to jump in that fire..she agreed..Om grab K2 and ask him about Krish’s anger K2 slap Om..Preeti tell them he is still alive but if they do anything then he will die..K2 ask the family to leave and go back to their room..they left..Preeti ask Tulsi to hurry and die and before that she ask her to give that phone to her..Tulsi said you want this phone?take it and she act like throwing it but she created smoke..because of the smoke Preeti and K2 didn’t see anything and when the view clear the find Tulsi and Radhi missing..Preeti in ager said that she will find them soon and punish them..they can’t run awat from her as she puted a magical wall around the palace.

Precap : Radhi and Tulsi hiding behind the idol of Mata Rani..Preeti comes there and she see them hiding their with the help of magic..she said you can’t hide from your death for so another scene they showed Preeti strangle Radhi with her braid and lift her is outside of the palace under a tree.

Update Credit to: OtakuGirl-Debo

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