Adhuri Kahani Hamari 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rajkumari Rooplekha/Maya calling Manu and acting friendly with her. She thanks her for saving Madhav on time and praises her hairstyle and says she wants hairstyle like her. Manu braids her hair. She asks her to keep away from Madhav. Manu asks what does she mean. Maya says she is just joking and says she knows Madhav and she are childhood friends and she does not have any problem with their friendship.

Servant informs Maya that her parents have come. Maya gets tensed and breaks vase. Manu asks what happened. Maya shouts at her to get out, drags her out and locks door from inside.

Manu goes to Yuvraj’s room and gets shy seeing him wearing clothes. She apologizes and says he should come with her right now. He says he can walk with

her whole life, but now where she is taking him. She tells about Maya’s incident and says they should check. Yuvraj says rajkumari will get angry. Manu says they have to check and opens door. They both see Maya missing. Manu sees windows opened and says she escaped from here.

They both go downstairs and are shocked to see Maya crying hugging real rajkumari’s mother. Maya says her mother that she was missing her a lot. Father says he was missing Rooplekha, so he came to see her. Choti rani taunts that Maya came for a ritual and is staying here permanently. Mother says she will miss her daughter after marriage. Choti rani says then marriage should be delayed for 4-5 years. Chote raja scolds her to open her mouth carefully.

Bade raja asks Yuvraj if he is ready to marry Rooplekha. He and Manu reminisce their marriage, he says yes. Anamika says engagement’s muhurat is after 4 days. Chittorgarh’s raja says bade raja that all his problems is his now. Bade raja says he is happy to have a samdhi like him and announces special pooja tonight for the unity of 2 provinces.

Maya goes to Anamika’s room and says she was afraid that Chittorgarh’s raja and rani would identify her. Anamika says they are under her black magic and see their daughter in Maya. Maya says she forgot that she has such a wonderful mentor. Anamika shows ash and says until this is there, black magic will continue.

Precap: During Maya and Rooplekha/Maya’s engagement, bade raja sends Manu to bring Yuvraj’s ring from chittorgarh raja’s room. She goes and picks ring and sees ash in coffee mug and thinks it is use for black magic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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