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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhika telling Preeti dayan that she will keep her promise made to Krish and will kill them all. Preeti dayan says she will relive phupaji/uncle. Radhika says she destroyed sinner phupa’s body like pakhandi baba’s. Phupi and Puru cry hearing this. Radhika says she will kill them all and take Krish’s revenge. Preeti dayan says let us see who will be alive tomorrow. Radhika leaves with Krish’s ash pot. Preeti dayan says tomorrow Radika will come back and get entangled in her trap and die. Radhika goes to jungle and cries reminiscing Krish and promises that she will not spare her murderers.

Phupi cries that nagin will kill her like phupa. Puru asks her to reklax. She says Preeti dayan is relaxing in room and left them to worry.

Door bell rings. They get afraid and askwho is it. A man says deliver boy. Puru says Preeti gave her ash to check if it is nagin or not. He opens door and throws ash out and it falls on delivery boys. They ask why did he throw ash on them. He apologizes and calls them in. They pack goods and keep boxes in truck.

Radhika hides and watches. A big box falls down and phuphi comes out and scolds delivery boys. She then runs inside home. Radhika comes and says she is finished now. A big cage falls on Radhika and captures her. Avni and Puru come out and laugh that she got trapped easily. They start their dialogues and ask phupi to inform Preeti dayan that nagin is trapped.

Preeti goes to her cave and makes sword. She then starts black magic. Phupi comes and thinks if she wakes up Preeti, she will get angry, but she has to inform her that Radhika is trapped. She tells Radhika has come and they trapped her. Preeti smiles and says she will prepare radhika’s death with her sword. She asks them to stay away and not make any mistake and starts back her black magic.

At home, Puru and Avni discuss that in some time nagin will be dead. He says he will get all the property alone. Radhika asks what kind of son he is, his father died just now and he is just worried about property. Puru asks her to think about her life and forget property.

Phupi comes down and sees Puru in cage pleading to get him out. She asks how did he get in. He says Radhika tricked and trapped him in, he does not trust Preeti now. Phupi pulls cae up. Radhika who is in Puru’s form escapes. Phupi shouts where are you Puru. She turns and is shocked to see Radhika. Radhika says she does not have to cry or apologize as she will die now. Preeti comes and asks to save herself first. Radhika leaves phupi. Preeti comes towards her holding sword.

Precap: Radhika tells Krish’s mom that she will take her revenge and relive Krish. She then walks towards Avni and says nobody can save her now.

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