Adhuri Kahani Hamari 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya hypnotizes Yurvraj and dances with him sensuously on Tumhe apna banane ki kasam…song.. Manu searches yuvraj in whole jungle. Maya’s hynoptic barrier vanishes hearing Manu’s sound and she gets angry that devrakshika spoilt her plan this time. Manu reaches hut and Maya acts as worried for yuvraj and says he fell down and is not speaking. Manu takes him back to palace and treats him.

Choti rani sees Devsena in palace and scolds her that she is trying to lure her husband and shouts that she is not devrakshika now and should find a husand instead of eyeing chote raja. Devsena starts shedding tears.

Maya tells Anamika that Devrakshika failed her plan today and describes whole incident. Anamika says Devrakshika saved her today as Yuvraj would have died with her magical barrier. Maya says she wants Yuvraj to die. Anamika says just wants to buy some time to find out nagmani as she already killed guruji who killed knew where nagmani is.

Manu treats yuvraj and reminisces attacks on Yuvraj repeatedly and thinks nagvanshis are doing this… She then with badi amma goes to guruji’s house and asks gurujis wie if guruji told where he kept nagmani. Wife says no. She takes guruji’s book and tells wife that she will come back if needed. Badi maa asks her to go back to rajmahal.

Manu walks towards rajmahal reading guruji’s book when she senses someone following her and punches a man. Man falls down. Manu realizes it is Yuraj and asks if he is fine. He says why does she acts as an obedient wife worried for her husband. Manu says their relationship was a mistake and she is devrakshika now. He says more she goes away from her, more she goes near Maya. Maya hears their conversation and informs Anamika that Madhav and Manu are husband and wife. Anamika says suhagan is so powerful that icchadhari nagin cannot harm her or her husband, so she wants her to marry Yuvraj and separate him from Manu.

Precap: Manu informs Maya that her parents have come. Maya gets tensed. Manu informs Yuvraj about it and says he should see it from his own eyes. They both walk into all and widen their eyes in shock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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