Adhuri Kahani Hamari 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Preeti dayan does black magic on Karan thinking it is Krish. Krish standing nearby asks her where is Radhika now, they should kill Krish before she comes here.

Mom tells Om that Radhika is not at home. Om says she must have gone again to fight with dayan. He says he will call and find out where she is. He picks phone, but aunt comes and snatches phone from him and breaks it.

Preeti dayan continues her black magic on Karan. Karan wakes up and says he is Karan and one who is standing is Krish. Krish says he is lying. Radhika cuts her wrist and even Karan gets same cut on his wrist. Preeti says her powers are attached to Karan and she knew she would face a situation like this some day, so she became cautious beforehand. Krish runs. Radhika asks KArn to follow him.

Krish runs and Karan follows him. He stops seeing Radhika in front of him and says he cannot escape from her. Radhika comes there in nagin’s form and protects Krish. Karan runs seeing her. Krish follows him next. Preeti dayan says she spoilt her plans and even harmed her sister. She will not forgive her, Radhika and Krish. Radhika comes to human form and says she is icchadhari nagin now as Tulsi transformed all her powers before sacrificing her life.

Preeti says she will kill her and Krish. Radhika says she trusts mata rani and mata rani will protect her. She starts praying mata rani and a protective barrier forms around her. Preeti dayan attacks her repeatedly. Radhika thinks she has to do something else to destroy Preeti dayan’s powers.

Precap: Mom tells aunt and uncle that god will help truth always and Preeti will not be spared, god will have to come to protect truth. Radhika beats temple bell repeatedly and prays god. Preeti writhing in on mandir floor says she cannot hold her here and will die.

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