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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti coming home and asking Radhika to give aarti. Everyone get shocked seeing her. Uncle and Aunt get happy seeing her. Radhika is shocked. Preeti smiles. Krish’s dad recalls her horror attacks. Radhika recalls Preeti hanging her on to tree. Krish is tensed too. Krish’s mum gets teary eyes. Uncle and Aunt asks Preeti where was you? Radhika asks where did you go? We were worried about you. Preeti says she went to help her friend and says she is fine now. Radhika says it is good that you came home and asks her to take aarti of mata rani. Preeti looks tensedly. Radhika looks on. Uncle says she will be burned by this aarti plate. Radhika tells her that a friend came when you was not here, and asks her to take aarti. Preeti says I haven’t taken bath till now and says

she will take aarti later. Krish’s dad asks what do you want? Preeti says I need happiness in this house. She says I will go and have bath. She asks Krish to come to her room thinking him to be Karan. Radhika signs him to go. Krish go to her room. Uncle and Aunt follow krish, but Preeti closes door on their faces. Aunt and Uncle are shocked and angry. Uncle says we were part of her plan, but she has thrown us out.

Aunt says until this property comes in my hand, I can’t put your life in danger. Preeti turns to Krish and hugs him. Krish gets tensed. She says you might have yearn for me and says only you love me. Radhika hears them. Preeti says we shall not be away from each other. Krish asks what you are going to do today? Preeti says I will take Krish to the place from where this story started. Radhika gets tensed. Krish says where? Preeti says it will be more fun if the secret is revealed later. Radhika thinks she is planning to kill Krish and thanks Mata Rani as Dayan Preeti don’t know that he is Krish. Preeti says we have to leave from here right now. Krish asks where? Preeti says where I take you? Krish says okay. Preeti takes Krish with her and thinks her motive will be fulfilled today.

Later in night, Krish and Preeti comes somewhere. She says stories end with hatred, and my hatred will end with your death. Krish looks at the place and recalls coming there before when his car stops there. A fb is shown, he knocks on the door of the house, and thinks there is no network here. Someone comes out of house and asks what do he need. Krish says my car isn’t working? Can I stay at your place for sometime, even weather is not good. Man refuses, but Krish offers him money. Man allows him inside and locks the door. Krish thanks him and says I am troubling you. The man asks him to sit silently and not to peek here and there. Krish gets suspicious. The man leaves locking him in the room. He goes to Preeti and asks her to hurry up.

Preeti says her sadhna is not a game to remain incomplete, and says it will take time to complete. She says today is Puranmaasi and I will become more powerful upon its completion. She asks why did you let that man enter here. The man says I know that this puja is necessary for you, but I can’t refuse money. Preeti does evil puja. Krish looks for the network and thinks why this kid is crying? Just then he hears a baby crying. He tells the man that someone is knocking on the door. Few people come there and says they have heard their baby crying inside and argues. Man says there is no kid inside. Krish looks on. Preeti says bali’s time have come. Man asks them to go and says there is no kid here. Krish goes inside and sees Preeti doing tantrik puja. She is about to pick the sword to kill baby, but Krish stops her and takes the baby in his hands. Preeti hides her face. The people come there hearing baby’s voice. Preeti shouts no….fb ends. Krish recalls everything and looks at the house.

Krish runs. Preeti comes infront of him and says you have to see your deaths’s face. She says nobody can save you now from me. Radhika tells Preeti that she is the icchadhari naagin and will kill her today.

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