Adhuri Kahani Hamari 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhika telling fake Krish that he is not real Krish. He angirly tries to stangulate her, but she pushes him and runs out.

Dayan Preeti and icchadhari nagin Tulsi’s fight continues. Radhika hides behind curtain and records their fight. Preeti dayan says she does not know dayan’s power and attacks, and Tulsi counter attacks her. Their fight continues.

Preeti says she does not know her powers and says she is the one who made Om fall from stairs and become handicap. She continues accepting her mistakes and asks Tulsi why did she come here. Tulsi says to reunite Madhav and Manu’s reincarnation Krish and Radhika. Preeti laughs that her intentions are very small. Tulsi says where is real Madhav, where did she hide him. Preeti agrees that one who is here is fake and she has kept real Madhav somewhere else. Their verbal arguments continue. Radhika continues recording their fight. Krish catches Radhika and tortures her to give recording.

Precap: Preeti captures Radhika and tortures her. Tulsi requests to leave Radhika. Preeti asks her to sacrifice herself to save Radhika. Tulsi walks towards fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hoooo,if tulsi dies then its gone.

  2. what’s this bakwas is now windup this dayan’s chapter and find the real krish don’t stretch the story specially about tulsi as she is the only helper

  3. Awanti Gupta

    Wht rbbish all this yr…i thnk stop the show yr…

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