Adhuri Kahani Hamari 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start with Anamika…she is fuming in anger…scared Maya come to her and told her to calm her down but Anamika ask her how? can she calm down when she herself close the way to reach to the Naagmani..only Guru Ji knew about Naagmani’s location and I killed him with my own hands…Maya ask her what they should do now..Anamika told her that they can’t stop..they have to do something..she told Maya to seduce Madhav…make him fall in love with you..both of them give evil smile…Madhav in his room and he remember the happy time he spent with Manu in the jungle..then the time when he confessed and filled her maang..Maya comes to Madhav and give him Haldi wala Milk..she told him to drink it as his wounds still didn’t heel..he refused to drink…Maya

mixed some spell in the milk with her finger..Bade Raja thanked Badi Amma and told her that their family again did a favor to them by saving Madhav..both of them worried for Guruji…they doubt that something must have happened to him and if this is true then Naagmani is lost…Badi Amma told Bade Raja that Yuvraj was attacked 3 times..snake clans become more active..she thinks if the Naagmani is lost then it is good..she left.

Choti Rani and Chote Raja is in their room..Choti Rani badmouthing about Anamika…Chote Raja told her to shut up and raise his hands on her..she told him that his family is the one who’s should be questioned..a Jogan who is pregnant..a Yuvraj who’s relation with Devrakshika is questionable…and you who is a coward in front of others and in the room raise hand on his wife..Chote Raja fuming in anger but didn’t say anything..Manu is in her room..she try to see her wound in the mirror..she notice blood on her maang..she remember the time when Madhav fill her maang..she start to cry..she pray to Gadud Dev to help her..she is a Devrakshika so she can’t have any relation..from the beginning he accepted all the relation which her fate gave her but how can she accept this one…she accept it or not but there is a relation build between her and Madhav which she can’t accept..her heart is clear..she want to fulfill her responsibility and her oath..but she fill confused..she ask Gadud Dev to save her from this confusion.

In the room Maya ask Madhav why he don’t want to drink the it because she brought it? this he told her that there is nothing between him and Manu..she told him that she trust him and so he should also trust her..he started to like him..then he drink the milk..Maya give a evil smirk..Madhav start to feel dizzy..then he fall into Maya’s trap..she successfully hypnotize him..she told him that she love him..Maya took Madhav outside of the palace..Manu see them leaving..she follow them…she see them going towards the Neimishya Van..she follow them..she see them crossing the boundary…she also cross the boundary and set her foot on the ground of the Neimishya Van..just then the weather changed and wind start to blow..lightning…Maya felt something..she put her hand on Madhav’s chin and a light showed up…she did some spell on him and he start to smile..she try to come close to him when Manu comes there..Maya ask them why they are here..Maya ask her why she is here..she wants to spent some time with Madhav so they came here..Manu told her that she is his Devrakshika so she follow them..Maya told her to leave..but Manu didn’t..and she tried to pull Madhav but he reject her.

Precap : Manu in the and heard someone..there is a Aghora in the jungle..

Update Credit to: OtakuGirl

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