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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika tying Karan on the Chair and says you will also have same thing which Preeti thought to do with my husband. She says you will also burn in the same fire. Karan says once Preeti returns, I will tell your secret to her, and you and your family will be killed. Radhika looks at him angrily and says you will do that if I leave you. Karan gets shocked. Radhika looks on. Later Radhika tells Krish that she has managed everything and he will not tell anything to Preeti now. Pooja tells Radhika that Krish is fine because of her and praises Radhika. Her friend says Radhika and Krish are together and we should party. Pooja says you have killed Dayini and Preeti is hidden somewhere. Radhika says we have to continue this drama.she says Krish will act like Karan to know about

their game plan. She asks them to go. Krish holds Radhika. Later Krish comes to Radhika and says he is very happy today, but there are many questions in his heart which is eaten him from inside. He asks about Dayini and asks where is Preeti? He says Preeti told me that you are dead, and then told me that you are alive, but have a memory loss. He says there is something which I should know. Radhika gets tensed. Krish asks her to tell and gives her promise. Radhika looks on.

Radhika says Krish that past wounds cannot be healed easily. She reveals that she is icchadhari nagin. Krish is shocked to hear that.

She says you are my husband and need to know everyone about me. She tells him about her fight with Preeti….She tells that Tulsi sacrificed her life to save her. Hamari adhuri music plays…..Krish says you are really brave and have fought with dayan being an ordinary woman. Radhika hugs him cryingly.

Suddenly thunderstorm starts……preeti looks at herself in the mirror and sees her half burnt face. She applies something on her lips, face and eyes. She makes her face fine with sparkling eyes. She gets ready and smirks. Radhika senses something. Krish asks what happened? He asks her not to cry. He says I won’t let any tears come in your eyes now and our wishes will be fulfilled. He gets closer for a kiss….Radhika moves back shocking him. She cries badly. Krish asks what happened? Radhika says our story was incomplete and will remain incomplete only. She says I couldn’t tell you one thing and don’t have much courage to tell that. She says it is your Radhika’s truth. Krish is surprised and clueless. He asks what is the thing which he is not aware of ? Radhika asks do you still have that wound and feel pain.

Krish says no, and asks why are you asking me? Radhika says because I have treated those wounds with my powers, and says you said right that it is not easy to fight with a dayan being a commoner. She says Tulsi didn’t give me only life, but gives her powers also while dying. She says I am not your Radhika now. Krish is shocked. Radhika says I am icchadhari nagin now. Krish is shocked and asks what????…….Radhika changes her form and becomes Naagin…..Krish is shell shocked to see snake standing infront of him. Radhika appears in human form again. Preeti says she has woken up from sleep to begin her hunt.

Radhika says how can a nagin with venom can give love to someone? Krish says no venom can change my love for you. Radhika says my venom can be dangerous for you. I just know that Preeti have a motive to enter this house, and you are related to her. I just want to free you from her. Krish says but…….Radhika asks him to stop it.

Preeti recalls Dayini’s death and says she will take revenge for her sister’s death from that Icchadhaari naagin. Next morning, Radhika and Krish stare each other romantically and hold the diya. They do aarti together surprising family members. Krish fills Radhika’s maang. Radhika gives aarti to them. Krish bends down. Radhika asks his mum to bless her son. Mum gets happy. Krish takes his dad’s blessings. Uncle and aunt look shocked. Krish asks why you are staring at me? Aunt asks what is happening? Dayini will kick out of house. Krish tells you both might be afraid as your truth will come out and says I am doing what Dayini asked me to do. He asks do you want my truth to come infront of others. They nod no. Uncle says something is fishy for sure. Krish says problem is with you and asks them to not to give him orders. Aunt scolds Uncle. Krish’a parents are happy. Radhika gives them aarti. Preeti comes there and asks Radhika will you not give me aarti? Radhika is shocked seeing her.

Preeti tells Krish thinking him to be Karan that she will take Krish to the place where the story started. She burns something and says bali’s time have come. Krish is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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