Adhuri Kahani Hamari 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with uncle and aunt asking Om and mom to sign property papers and transfer property in their name. Preeti dayan enters smirking. Krish’s family looks at her in a shock. Om says he knew she is very greedy and would not change, she cannot help anyone. Preeti says she helps herself and asks mom to sign papers silently. Radhika comes and asks what is she doing. Preeti says she was waiting for her, now it is easy for her to kill whole family and get whole property. Camera zooms on each family member.. Radhika says trust is like a glass and once broken cannot be fixed back, even then she trusted her. Preeti says good people trust anyone easily, which bad peole take advantage of.

Purush enters with pakhandi baba and asks what is happening hre. Radhika says everyone’s mask is removed now, dayan Radhika’s real face came back. She says he did good by bringing pakhandi baba here, she will get her powers with mani and confront dayan. She asks pakhandi to return her mani. Puru warns pakhandi togive money and takes a cloth from his bag and throws ash on Radhika. Radhika shouts in pain and asks even him.. Puru says because of Krish, he spent 10 years in jail and so he took revenge. Uncle praises Puru that his son is very talented. He tells Preeti realized first day itself that Radhika is icchadhari nagin and exchanged Karan and Krish, she knew everything. Preeti reminds Radhika how she killed her sister Dayini on holika dahan day. She touches dayini’s ashes and takes oath to kill Preeti. Puru tells how he entered house back. Avni then comes next and tells how Radhika gave her powers to Puru’s girlfriend Avni and became normal. She with Avni shows mom Radhika’s icchadhari nagin’s videos and brainwashed her to kick Radhika out.

They all confess how they planned to kill Krish next via Pakhandi baba. Radhika thinks without mani she cannot take revenge from Preeti dayan and save her family. Preeti dayan strangulates Radhika’s neck with her hair. Puru asks her to do whatever she wants, they just need this property. Radhika thinks she cannot die now.

Precap: Radhika hides in jungle. Puru says nagin is very weak now. Pakhandi baba suggests to throw ash on her to make her more weak.

Update Credit to: MA

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