Adhuri Kahani Hamari 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvraj walks with Maya/Rooplekha outside palace and stops. She asks why did he stop. He says he forgot his gun. She says she will also come along. He asks her to stay there and walks into palace. Choti rani brainwashes Maya that Yuvraj gave his gun to guard, he must have gone back to palace for something else. Maya gets jealous.

Yuvraj goes back to palace and taunts Manu that she knows to use weapon well. Manu who is holding trishul says he should go back. He says he knows she loves him and their names will always be taken together, Manu and Madhav. She says these words does not suit him and he should go from there. They then hear sound and ask who is it. Takshika is seen hiding under table.

Badi rani takes Bade raja and his family to garud math and asks raja whathe has to say. Raja says only guruji knows where mani is and he is missing. Badi amma asks him not to worry and takes him in. Anamika keenly listens to their conversation.

Takshika comes in front of Yuvraj and Manu and says she will see if devrakshika can save yuvraj.

Anamila enters garud math easily. Maya follows her and asks how did they enter breaking garud math’s protective barrier. Anamika asks her to follow her. Badi rani asks Anamika what is she discussing with didi. Anamika says she is asking about Yuvraj. Choti rani taunts that she became patni vrata before marriage itself. Maya through telepathy asks Anamika where is garud dev’s idol and how did they enter so easil. Anamika says she prepared this illusional math and wants to know where is nagmani. Badi amma carefully checks math’s walls.

Takshika attacks Manu, but Yuvraj comes in between, gets hit by Takshika’s tail and falls unconscious. Manu revolves her trishul and breaks Takshika’s attack. Takshika then kicks her with her tail and she falls down. She then tries to pick her trishul, but Takshika throws trishul and says nobody can save her now. Manu prays garud dev. Takshika’s tail breaks and she falls down. Manu then picks her trishul and points it at Takshika.

Precap: Manu hugs unconscious Yuvraj and says she will not let him happen anything. Maya comes and alleges that Manu is trying to snatch Yuvraj from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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