Adhuri Kahani Hamari 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start with everyone following the blood trail to the kitchen…Kitchen door is locked from the inside…Madhav told that they have to break the door…he start to hit the door..Takshika is inside with the body and scared…Anamika and Maya is also scared and helpless…Madhav break the door and all come inside..they didn’t see anyone there..Anamika notice that Takshika is hiding inside the kitchen counter…Manu check the window and tell everyone that it’s lock so whoever this is the culprit is still inside the palace..Anamika and Maya both are angry…Manu ask Anamika to check the kitchen counter..she open it and see Takshika..Takshika told Anamika that the body is inside the fridge through telepathy…Anamika forward the massage to

Maya through telepathy too.Manu was about to check the fridge but Maya stop her and check by herself…and told them that it’s empty…Manu told everyone that whoever it is but the culprit is still inside..she asked them to go to their room..Anamika told Manu to escort them to their room..since the culprit is still inside and can attack anyone anytime and she will stay in the kitchen..Manu agree.

all come to the hall…everyone is scared..Badi Rani is scared and Bade Raja console her..Manu told them that she will protect them..Chote Raja ask her how can they be safe here?what will they do?always wear the shield?..Manu thought and remember once Badi Amma told that Snake Clan can’t entered into the Gadud Math..they can only enter if Devrakshika invite them inside..Manu told them that they have to go to the Gadud Math for sometime…there they will be safe..Madhav ask her what about you but she ignore that and told them to go..she will stay here and make sure that they are safe and fulfill her duty as a the kitchen Anamika is angry and told Takshika that she wants to kill Devrakshika..she always come in her way…Takshika told her that for this even she can do it..but Anamika scold her by saying that first complete the task already given to you..for now hide in this kitchen..we can’t go outside as the guards are alert.

in the hall Maya object that she don’t want to go to the Gadud Math..she recall what happened last time when she tried to enter..but Manu insist her to go and this anger her more…Choti Rani support Maya and said how can they stay in the temple…they are Rani but Manu told her that she will arrange everything so they should go because here it’s about their safety and not their comfort..Anamika come to the hall..Maya angrily told them that why snake clan will attack her..she is not a part of their family..Badi Amma came and told Maya that after this ceremony she is this families would be DIL so she is a part…she have to go..Anamika ask Bade Raja about Badi Amma and he introduce Badi Amma to Anamika..Badi Amma felt that she saw Anamika and ask about that but Anamika make some excuses…Badi Amma told them to leave but Maya is angry because she don’t wanna go there..Anamika notice that because of the anger Maya’s snake skin is showing up on her feet..she come to Maya and smartly told Maya not to resist and just agree..she told her through telepathy that they can enter if Devrakshika herself invite them in..Anamika ask Manu to escort them to the Math as they can be attack outside too..but Badi Amma told them that she will escort them..Anamika and Maya look tensed..they are on their way to Gadud Math and Badi Amma notice that Bade Raja is tensed and ask about it..he told her that he will tell her about it when they will reach to the Math as here anyone can the palace Manu searching everywhere in the palace holding a Trishul.

Precap : In the palace Madhav is present with Manu..Takshika come out..Manu ask her who is she and Takshika replied her death..both MadhVini is shocked..Bade Raja told Badi amma that he gave Mani’s responsibility to Guru Ji and one and only he know where Mani is..Anamika hear it and shocked..

Update Credit to: OtakuGirl

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