Adhuri Kahani Hamari 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Preeti thinks how can a snake enter in this house and she does not know about it. She goes to room and with her black magic creates a protective barrier around house and thinks now snake cannot go out. Tulsi tries to get out of window, but could not and realizes there is a protective barrier. She hears people coming in and hides in cupboard.

Preeti asks everyone to search snake in this house. Uncle and aunt search with their witty comments. Krish says why are they worried for a snake, it must have left long ago.Preeti comes to room and asks Krish to search snake in this room. Radhika thinks because of her poor Tulsi is suffering. Krish is about to open cupboard when someone calls him and he goes out.

Radhika goes to kitchen in lieu of drinking water and Tulsi comes there. She sees Tulsi injured and asks what happened. Tulsi says Preeti has created a protective barrier. Radhika asks how to get her out. Tulsi says only god can help them. Radhika goes and brings gangajal and throws it on protective shield. Tulsi tries to go out, but gets hurt again.

Uncle asks Preeti not to worry aand asks if she really saw snake. Preeti says she is in a joking mood and then scolds that she really saw snake. Anjali says even she saw snake. Uncle says he called snake charmer.

Tulsi tells Radhika that ganga jal is not real one and dayan will not pray god, so temple is also fake. Snake charmer comes and says he will find snake soon as he is powerful snake charmer. Radhika tells Tulsi she will get her out soon at any cost.

Precap: Precap will be updated soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This show story is like qubool h dayan drama n all…yr kb tk try smtng nw…

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