Adhuri Kahani Hamari 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu telling Madhav that some love stories are better if left incomplete and even their love story is better incomplete. He says at last she accepted that she loves him and says he his mom gave her bangle and she has to come with him wearing it. He is about to dorn bangle on her wirst when soldiers come and inform him that raja wants him back at rajmahal.

Yuvraj resists. Senior soldiers forces him, but he throws him down. All 4 soldiers attack him. He overpowers them, snatches gun and warns them to return back. They return back.

Madhav holds his hand on lamp and says Manu he will not take it out before she accepts his love. She gets emotional and removes his hand from lamp. Madhav hugs her and says at last she accepted his love. Manu apologizes Badi amma for disappointing her. Badi amma bless her and sends with Madhav.

Badi rani confronts Bade raja and says as parents they have to accept Madhav and Manu’s love. Raja says Yuvraj is future raja and Manu is common human, there is no match at all. Badi rani says Manu saved Yuraj and whole rajvansh. He says it was devrakshika duty to protect raj vansh. She says he had dismissed her from devrakshika’s position and she saved Madhav and them all as she loves Madhav. Raja continues resisting. Choti rani enters and starts badmouthing about Manu.

Madhav comes to Rajmahal with Manu. Bade raja stops him right at door and says he is future maharaj and did wrong. He cannot bring Manu in. Madhav gets tensed and tries to leave. Raja says he did pheras alone and now has to marry Manu as per rituals. Madhav and Manu get happy while choti rani fumes in jealousy.

Precap: Madhav shows thumbs up to Manu and she smiles. Maya says she has come back for Madhav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. awesum epi!!!!!
    loving current track
    waiting for next epi

  2. now again a mixture of good and bad things i.e marriage ceremoneys (as there are many types of as sangeet and up to so on) of madhav and manu and planings of maya to kill manu hope that after this mixture they will die and we will reach to the present HOPE

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