Adhuri Kahani Hamari 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with icchadhari nagin Maya going back to tantrik with injured leg. Tantrik scolds her for trying to enter garud matt and says if it was that easy, then any nagin would have entered and stolen nagmani. Maya says badi amma was seen as if she was waiting to punish her. Tantrik says she is always ready and starts story around 100 years ago.

Yuvraj gets a dream of a raja and woman being killed in restricted jungle and wakes shouting. Badi rani comes and asks what happened. He says he got same dream of a raja and woman in restricted jungle. She also starts story about his ancestor yuvraj mahesh 100 years ago.

Badi amma also tells Manu story about her ancestor poojari 100 years ago. Tantrik tells about their ancestor icchadhari nagin Anamika and how she

fell in love with yuvraj mahesh. Badi rani tells how raja got angry hearing about yuvraj and icchadhari nagin Anamika’s love and calls poojari for help.

Yuvraj Mahesh goes to meet Anamika in restricted jungle and says he is sure his father will accept their love and child. Anamika says what if he does not. Mahesh says they will go far away and start a new life. They both look into each other’s eyes romantically. Tere sang pyar me….song..plays in the background.

Raja asks poojari to check his religious scriptures and finda solution to get out yuvraj from nagin’s clutch. Poojari checks scriptures and starts a havan. He performs pooja and walks with his junior poojaris raja into jungle.

Yuvraj and Anamika’s romance continues with Tere sang pyar me….song playing the background. Anamika senses raja and poojari coming with team to separate them and tells yuvraj that they should escape from here. They walk in the opposite direction, but Anamika gets hyponotized by been music and walks towards poojaris. Yuvraj tries to stop her unsuccessfully.

Poojari’s surround Anamika. Poojari/purohit chants mantras and throws water on Anamika. Anamika writhes in pain. Raja says yuvraj that he will never let him with nagin and asks guards to hold him. Yuvraj resists. Raja tries to stab anamika with sword, but yuvraj comes in between and swords pierces his abdomen. Yuvraj dies in Anamika’s lap.

Precap: Poojari snatches mani from Anamika and slits her throat. Anamika curses him that his family girls will not marry and if they marry, royal family boys will die.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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