Adhuri Kahani Hamari 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start with Manu..she found broken Rudraksh mala and she recognized it as Guruji’s..she came down to hall..whole family is present there..she inform them about the mala and also tell them that she found snake skin yesterday in the palace…Yuvraj inform them that also during the ceremony Devrakshika was attacked…Manu told everyone that they should search inside and the guards should search outside..Maharaj agree…Anamika got scared and to stop them she tried to change the topic by questioning Manu that if she found snake skin yesterday then why didn’t she told them about this at that moment..Manu told them that she didn’t want them to be scared..Choti Rani support Anamika and told Manu that so now what is she doing…Manu told them all that

instead of fighting here they should look for Guru Ji or else theey will keep fighting and Naagyoni will do for what they came here …she is doing this to protect they should go to the protected chamber and I will go to check..Madhav said he will come too…everyone left and MadhVini went to check…in the room Badi Rani is scared for Madhav’s safety..Maharaj console her and try to calm her down..he told her to believe in Gadud Dev.

Manu and Madhav walking together..Madhav told Manu to walk behind him..but Manu told him that she is his he should walk behind her..they argue on this and in the Manu told him to stop or else she will slap him..Madhav told her that he is happy because in this Devrakhika somewhere still his Manu is alive..Manu said sorry..and he got angry..while they were arguing Takshika drag the body other side..Madhav walk ahead..Manu follow him…they are walking when Madhav heard a sound and felt someone is there in the other side of the he took a sword from the wall..Takshika was there..she hide..Madhav was about to look there when Anamika come in front of him..he question him that why his protector Devrakshika walking behind him…she have to inform about this to Maharaj…she distract them with her talk and Takshika drag the body..but just then she hit a table with a vase and they fall and broke which made a hug noise..Anamika got scared..Manu and Madhav look behind..Bade Raja and Badi Rani also heard the sound and left the room.

Takshika escaped and Maya was the hall all are present..Manu told them that this are Guru Ji’s rudraksh…Maya ask her how can she is so sure that this is Guru Ji’s…Anamika support Maya and said that there were many people in the can be anyone’s…she know Guru Ji went somewhere and he will come back..they should stop searching and wait for him..Manu object and Madhav support her..Maya got angry..and start to question their relation..Anamika add fuel by saying that she saw Madhav protecting Manu..Madhav told them their relation is TRUST..they trust each other..her family did a lots of sacrifice..she saved my life so many times..sometime as a friend , sometime as a partner and sometimes as Devrakshika..Maya ask him then what is she for him?..a friend , a partner , a Devrakshika or more then that?…hearing this both Manu and Madhav remember their marriage…Madhav said he trust everyone even his enemy so why not Devrakshika..she is a Devrakshika..she is here to protect him and to do that she even eat the poisonous Kheer without any second the same time a servant felt someone’s presence..he follow that and fell down..he saw something and got scared..he came to the hall and ask everyone to come to the kitchen side..he saw something..Maharaj ask him what he saw?..he show them his hand which is paint with blood…everyone got scared..Anamika and Maya is worried.

Precap : whole family is outside a room..the door is lock from inside..Takshika is inside with the body…Madhav told them that they have to break the door..he start to hit the door…

Update Credit to: OtakuGirl

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  2. can someone explain the whole story to me? Why palace people contain nagmani?

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