Adhuri Kahani Hamari 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our visitor, Shraddha Sharma, here’s the update.

Todays episode…
Radhika prays to devi maa that she gets her mani back to save krish.. She ask devi maa to give her strength to fight. She says that whosoever prays to her, she always help that person, please help me also and i will not ask anything else…

Baba people says that bhairav will come soon. They ask why can’t we capture her instead of running from her??
Baba says that she is very powerful, we can fool her not win over her. How many time i need to tell you this??
He futher says that- We have naagmani, we will go far and we will get what we want from this naagmani. We can have power, money and everything what we want and laugh ????….


of baba bhakat is driving car and stops seeing radhika, radhika walks towards him and he moves back and says to himself that i should kill nagin here only and everything and every stroy will end.. and drives towards herin lieu of killing her. But naagin is saved and he moves away. Radhika thing why he wanted to kill me?

In hospital phupha ji Says that doctors are saying they can’t keep body as body is getting decay. He says that radhika will not come as she got naagmani, she must have gone!!
Bhiya said that she will come. She love krish!
Bua ji says she will not come as bhabhi asked her to move out..
puru says- radhika bhabhi will surely come! She always loved krish bhai and family. She will come!
Doctor- Krish wife hasn’t come yet? We can’t keep body as infection can spread due to decaying of body..
Bhaiya says- please doctor, if you want we will give you money!
Doctor- I cannot help! Body is decaying! I can only give you 10 minutes to take body from here.
All are shocked to listen this..

Doctor says- are you leaving in 10 minutes??
Everyone request him please doctor give us some more time..
Doctor says – OK but only sometime as i can’t risk other pateints life..
Everyone eyes are filled with tears..

Bhakat say- when I saw nagin i stoped but i fooled her.
Baba slaps him and say- she will come due to him and will kill all…
Naagin comes and kill one bhakat…
Radhika says- evil never win over good and will never win! I am back with your Kaal (bad luck)..
Naagin and baba stares each other…
Radhika- Give me naagmani! Otherwise I will not leave anyone..
I can take everyone’s life..

At home All in white clothes are shown..
Bhaiya- we need to perform last rituals!!
Puru- bhiaya radhika bhabhi will come, plz do not lose hope…
Bhaiya and preeti- we need to do so..
Puru- bhaiya if bhabhi comes after last ritual will you able to forget??
Bua and phupha ji- we should not await more, we should perform last rituals!!
Puru- we need to wait, otherwise we will not forgive ourselfs!!
Bhaiya- what we can do?
Puru- We can preserve it..
Bhaiya goes and call.. and come back..
Bhaiya says- puru lets go and find out procedure!!

Outside near house…
Bhaiya ask puru you wait in car I just come and give signal to driver, driver takes puru.

Radhika- i don’t want to waste time in teaching lesson to you all..
Baba- it not look good a naagin talking like human..
Bhakat tries to kill her but seeing her naagin and angry looks he get nervous.
Other bhakat attacks her with trishul and she bite them..

At home Bhiya says we have to go to Shamshan and we need to do this.
Bua- where is puru?
Bhiya- I sent him far.. now its tym to bit farewell to krish..

Radhika- now see what i can do! You forget to wear tabeez eevn…

At shamshan ghat they take body of krish..

Other bhakat attack radhika and she stops him and kill him…
And says- i want only my mani, I do not want to kill you!
Give my mani back! She and baba are shown frequently and radhika in angry looks….
And screen freezes..

Precap- radhika says- You do not know power of married girl..
Krish final rituals are performing..
Baba gives mani to radhika..
Radhika runs and stop everyone..

Update Credit to: Shraddha Sharma

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Thank you to the team of tellyupdates that i am able to write the episode for everyone…

    1. Thank you for your written ep.. i will only read written ep only when krish and radika unite then only i will watch it…

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        Welcome… may be they both unite by monday or tuesday…

      2. Yes, ditto. I am not enjoying current story line, until Krish and Radhika reunites I will read updates. So please, update. Thank you.

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