Adhuri Kahani Hamari 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dayini explaining her plan to her puppets. She asks Karan to take Radhika for dinner and try to kill her. Nagin will come to rescue Radhika, then Dayini will kill her. Aunt says it is a brilliant idea. Meher hears their conversation standing near window. Aunt senses someone out and checks, but Meher hides.

Meher goes to Om and mom panicked. Mom asks what happened to her. She informs them about Dayini’s plan. Om says nothing will happen to Radhika, he will go to any extent to save her. Mom says her one son is alread in dayan’s clutch and she does not want another son also to be under dayan’s clutch. He says dayan will kill Radhika. Mom says mata rani will save Radhika, she will alert Radhika and come back.

Radhika looks

at Krish’s pic and gets sad. Jo bheji thi dua wo jaake asmaan….song…plays in the background. She reminisces all the happier moments with Krish and Karn torturing her. She goes into flashback where Krish comes and holds her pallu. He asks her to leave her and shies. He pulls and hugs her and says where ever he goes, he will come back to her. She says okay and asks to leave now. He says he will die if he part ways with her. She says he is her life, her peace, her heart, she cannot live without him. She gets out of flashback and thinks she will find out Krish soon.

Krish’s mom walks hurriedly towards Radhika’s room. Aunt stops her and asks where is she going. Mom says she forgot her medicines in Radhika’s room. Aunt orders her to go back to her room. Mom acts as going to her room, but goes to Radhika’s room and says she wants to talk to her something important. Dayini enters and thinks what is oldie doing here. She asks what are they discussing. Radhika asks mom not to worry, she is fine. Dayini says Radhika that she is same like Krish, even he loves her a lot and is taking her tonight for dinner. Love is very powerful and she should help her love. Mom nods no. Radhika says she is right, she will help Krish when he needs her. Dayini says she will get radhika ready. Mom says she will get her ready as Dayini is a guest. Dayini says she is a family member now and brings red sari for Radhika. She says red is symbol of love and she will get her ready so well that her life will change tonight. Radhika gets ready. Daini says she is looking very beautiful and that is why Krish is mad behind her. She applies kajal on her neck and says she will not et nazar now. Radhika says one thing is missing and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Dayini thinks Radhika will die soon, what will she do with sindhoor. She tells Radhika that Krish is waiting her down stairs. Mom says she will drop her down. Dayini thinks Radhika is trapped. Radhika turns back and thanks Dayini. Dayini says she is like her younger sister and says enjoy yourself. Once Radhika leaves, she thinks she has to thank Radhika instead for agreeing so easily. She and nagin will both die today.

Precap: Dayini does black magic. Karan takes Radhika to dinner and mixes something in her drinks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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