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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anamika with Takshika steals nagmani box and opens it. She gets shocked seeing mani missing and shouts where it is then. Poojari comes and says whereever it is, she will not get it. Anamika asks to return her mani. Poojari says a nagin/snake can become jogan/saint, but saint cannot become nagin at all. He identified her long ago, so he hid man, now she will never know where mani is even if she kills him. She says whatever humans gave, she will give him more than that if he befriends her. He says he kills snakes and not befriends them. She smashes him with her tail and says if he does not befriend her, he will die. He says she can kill him. She bites him and he dies.

Everyone praise Maya after he dance. Manu falls down, but nobody pays heed. Madhav gets sad. Manu walks

from there. Madhav follows and stops her. He asks why did she come out like this. She says she got defeated, so she came out. He says she lost purposefully and he knows she loves him, so she did not like his would be wife’s defeat. She should accept that she loves him. She says he should accept that he does not love her and yuvraj should not talk to devrakshika like this. He pulls her towards him and says she should accept that she loves him. She says she does not love him, why don’t he understand that his marriage if fixed with Rajkumari Rooplekha and he cannot fight with his fate now. He says he will fight even with the writer of fate. Maya watches them hiding.

Manu says their fate is to be near each other but not together. She can be her protector and not partner as she is devrakshika. He says he needs his Manu and not devrakshika. She frees herself and leaves, while he looks at her sadly. Maya gets jealous seeing this, gets into snake form and drops vase on Manu. Madhav sees that and saves Manu on time. Manu asks how did this vase fall down. He says someone dropped it, he will check who is it. Manu thinks something bad will happen and she has to protect his palace.

Takshika asks Anamika why did she kill Poojari. Anamika says he knows their truth, so she had to kill him. Takshika says everyone will know about his death. Anamika says they don’t have time and should find nagmani soon. Takshika says how will they get deadbody out. Anamika says they have to hide dead body in palace itself.

Madhav checks stairs and does not find anyone. He checks wires with which vase is tied, thinks how did vase fall down. Takshika and Anamika drag Poojari’s deadbody and seeing himhide behind wall. Madhav walks towards them. Anamika thinks if Yuvraj sees them, they will be in trouble. Madhav is about to see them when bade raja calls him and he leaves. Anamika says Takshika that she has to go and asks to hide deadbody and leaves.

Bade Raja says family that they should get yuvraj and Rooplekha’s marriage soon. Chote Raja says he is right. Bade raja says he will ask guruji/Poojari to select muhurat sooner. Servant says guruji is not in palace. Bade raja asks Anamika he saw her speaking to guruji last, where is he. She says he is a saint and must be praying somewhere. He says guruji does not go without informing him, he asks servant to find out guruji soon.

Takshika drags guruji’s body. Manu passes by and hears voice and turns back, but Takshika drags body by then and hides. Manu thinks where is this voice coming from. She finds beads on floor and thinks she saw this mala somewhere and realizes it is Guruji’s. Takshika gets tensed, thinks to stop her and walks behind her. When she is about to attack Manu, garud dev protects her and drops flower vase. Manu turns back and finds noeone. Takshika gets invisible and fumes.

Precap: Manu says nagin may steal nagmani and escape. Madhav says devrakshika is right, they should be alert against nag and danger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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