Adhuri Kahani Hamari 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devrakshika Manu creating a protective barrier around rajvash and herself to protect themselves and saying she will take them from namishyavan and they should not get out of it.

Choti rani asks Manu to protect her first as she is afraid of snakes. Manu walks looking at Madhav. Madhav tries to get out of protective barrier, but Manu stops him and says he cannot go out.

After walking a bit distance, Choti rani steps on rope and shouts that snake bit her. Manu says snake cannot enter barrier. Madhav sees rope and shows it to her. She feels embarrasses and starts walking again.

Takshika and Maya come to attack rajvansh. Takshika changes to nagin and attacks, but Manu holds her and strangulates her and throws. Takshika then attacks Madhav, but Maya asks her to let him go. Once they all leave, Takhsika asks why did she protect Madhav. Maya says only Madhav can get them to nagmani and they should wait for the right time.

Rajvansh reaches rajhmahal safely with Manu. Choti rani tells Manu that she is not devrakshika now and should go from rajmahal. Madhav says Manu did more than her devrakshika role by protecting their lives and they are indebted to her. Badi amma enters and praises Yuvraj for his thinking and tells whenever younsters make mistakes, elders forgive them, but when elders make mistake, they cannot apologize youngsters. She tells Manu that she is proud of her and tells Raja to let Manu and Devsena stay away from his rajya. Choti rani says she is thinking right and should go right away with her family. Bade raja says Manu favored them by protecting their lives, but she made a mistake and should go away from his rajya.

Precap: Maya tells she will do yagna on amavasya night and will get powerful. Madhav says Manu is his wife and they have to accept her. Choti rani says Manu cannot be rajvansh’s bahu. Madhav says then he will also go with Manu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow manu………………Good …… ………….

  2. aww sOo swweet madav….

  3. when madhav and manu will die in their first janam and when drama will reach to it’s present sate as it’s their past how looooong will it take

  4. Wow madhav good..but I am waiting for present track..its too long past ..

  5. Yahuuuuuuuuu….at last Manu nd madhav shall get together…

  6. nice but m waiting for their present life

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