Adhuri Kahani Hamari 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvraj Madhav coming to purification room to meet Manu. Manu says he should go from here. He says he will only after nursing her wounds and bandages her leg wounds. She asks to go now. He asks what is happening. She says someone is trying to kill him. He says he is yuvraj and conspiracies to kill him are common. She says someone from his family wants to kill him. He is surprised to hear that.

Badi amma comes with badi and choti rani and asks servant where Manasvini. Servant says she is in purification room. Badi amma opens door and sees Manu alone sitting on ice slabs, shivering. Badi amma asks where is he. Manu asks who. Badi amma says yuvraj. Manu says he is not here. Badi rani asks where did he go then.

Devsena gets yuvraj out

via secret route. Yuvraj asks why did she get him out from here hiding. She asks why is he risking Manu’s life and should not meet her. He says this cannot happen and leaves from there.

Maharaj orders soldiers to search whole area and bring yuvraj safely. He asks badi rani why did she give so much leniance to Yuvraj, her upbringing is not good. She says tonight is very risky for Yuvraj.

Badi amma comes back to purification room and tells Manu that she can fool Badi rani but not her. Devsena comes back. Badi amma asks where had she been. Devsena says to get flowers. Badi amma asks where are flowers then and asks why is she lying and taking Manu’s side. Devsena says she is Manu’s aunt and cannot see her in pain. Badi amma says she is devrakshika and does not have any relatives, her duty is to protect royal family and even common people.

Devsena says she is snatching Manu’s childhood. Badi amma says she knows what she is doing. Devsena says Manu is not yet 18 and she is snatching her childhood, it is a big sin. She will not let her do this sin and will stop her. Badi amma asks why will she stop her. Devsena says again she is Manu’s aunt. Badi amma says she is devrakshika and is an outsider now, she cannot interfere in family issues. Devsena starts crying.

Badi rani says maharaj yuvraj’s life is in danger today as he is turning 18 years old. Maharaj says that is why he canceled all his appointments. Guruji comes and says he has arranged garuda pooja and asks to call yuvraj. Rani says he is not at palace and does not know where he is. Guruji says then only Devsena can save yuvraj. Maharaj and rani perform pooja and rani goes to meet badi amma.

Servant informs Badi amma that badi rani has come. Badi rani enters and gives her fruit thali and says they have to speed up manu’s devrakshika ritual with flower pooja to save Yuvraj. Badi amma says they will then.

Precap: Yuvraj goes to a jungle where icchadhari naagin is.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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