Adhuri Kahani Hamari 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu breaking Maya’s illusion on rajvansh with devi maa’s tear water and lotus. Whole Rajvansh is shocked to see themselves in jungle. Manu goes and hugs Madhav. Hamari adhuri kahani…song..plays in the background. Choti rani yells how shameless she is to hug Madhav in front of everyone.

Manu tells she will prove her innocence today and says Maya brought them all to namishyavan. She throws lotus water on Maya and Maya turns into injured ichadhari nagin with half human and half snake.

Choti rani says she gets afraid seeing insects, but this is icchadhari nagin. Manu says Maya along with Takshika illusioned them with black magic and wanted to marry Madhav to get nagmani. They both killed guruji as he knew their plan and blamed

murder on her. They did not know power of prayers and devi maa. With just gangajal, their black magic is gone.

Madhav reminisces snatching devrakshika designation from Manu, feels guilty, and apologizes Manu for not trusting her. Bade Raja also apologizes Manu and orders soldiers to capture Maya nagin. Maya tells Manu that game is not yet over and tries to bite her, but Madhav comes in between. Maya stops and says if she was not in love with him, she would have killed him and Manu. Madhav says nobody can touch Manu until he is alive.

Takshika joins Maya and tries to attack Manu and rajvansh. Manu shows devi maa’s lotus. Takshika says Maya it is foolishness to fight with them and escapes with Maya. Bade raja orders soldiers to catch them, but they hide in snake cave. Soldiers return back.

Madhav thanks Manu for risking her life and saving his family. Manu says she is devakshika and it is her duty to protect them. Badi rani and Bade raja also apologize Manu. Manu says they are under nagin’s illusion and are innocent. Maya is injured and will attack them, so they have to leave from this namishyavan. Choti rani gets tensed hearing this and requests her to save everyone along with Madhav. Madhav asks Manu what will she do now. She asks to follow her.

Maya and Takshika get out of snake den. Takshika says devrakshika ruined their plan at the end. Maya says she wll kill devrakshika today. Takshika says it is pleasing to kill prey in their area. Maya tells again Devrakshika will die today for sure.

Precap: Maya and Takshika attack Manu and nagvansh in snake form. Manu holds Maya in her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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