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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manu knocks at Princess’ room and asks her to open the door, Maya gets tensed as she is in Nagin avatar. Manu knocks persistently and Maya is unable to answer her back.
Anamika refuses to open the door to Raja Sahib saying that she doesn’t want to talk about what happened at the table and she is praying and requests them to leave her alone. Raja sahib appoints a guard at her door so that no one disturbs her. Takshika is worried that how will she leave the room now.

Manu is worried that something might have happened to Princess, she thinks to get help from someone, as she is walking she notices the window open and decides to go in from the window, and she slips and falls into Madhav’s arms. They share an eye lock and Manu remembers what Madhav said regarding

her being his wife. Madhav breaks her out of her reverie by saying that doors are used to go inside the room, not the windows. Manu asks him to leave her, and Madhav drops her to the ground. Manu asks in disbelief that he left her. Madhav says to decide for once and all what she wants, him to hold on to her or to leave her. Madhav asks why she was going into Princess’ room by the window. Manu says she came to see the Princess, as she was offended earlier, so she came to talk to her.Madhav taunts that she was going to check via window. Manu clarifies that she knocked the several times, but Princess didn’t open the door. Madhav turns to leave and Manu following him, bumps into him and she looks away awkwardly. Madhav says that he is happy to know that Manu is worried for his would be wife. He spots a leaf in Manu’s hair and removes it, humari Adhuri Kahani plays in BG.

Madhav knocks on Princess’ door and asks her to open the door. Maya is unable to talk and is worried looking at the time. Getting no response makes Manu restless, she says we have to do something, Madhav starts breaking the door, and it finally gives in. MadhVini enter the room and are shocked to see Maya crying on the bed. They ask the princess why she wasn’t opening the door, is everything alright, why is she crying? Maya wipes her fake tears and says, it’s the first time she is away from her family, that’s why she is missing them. Madhav says that he is happy to know that she cares for her relations so much, and taunts looking at Manu, that he hope people in the palace learns from the Princess. Madhav says to Princess why she is missing others when he is here. Manu is uncomfortable and tries to excuse herself from there, but Madhav stops her saying that he didn’t tell her to leave yet. Madhav says to Princess, that he was thinking if he could give her a tour of his estate tomorrow. Maya agrees at once saying yes, but is cut in between when Madhav says to Manu, you will accompany us too, as danger can come anytime. Manu agrees saying that for his protection she can do anything. Maya is seriously rolling her eyes at them. Manu leaves and Madhav thinks aloud that to get you to confess, he will do anything.
Takshika is walking in the corridor with snake skin, talking to herself that the guard is safely put to rest and now waiting for tomorrow’s function eagerly, as their mission would get completed. She hears someone and hides behind a cupboard.

Manu comes asking who is there, she is about to look around when Madhav grabs her arm and pulls her towards him, Madhav is angry and tells her to stop pretending, that she is not affected. He asks her to answer honestly that doesn’t her heart burn when he looks in to Princess Rooplekha’s eyes, doesn’t she get angry when he holds her hand. Manu replies that, he is forgetting that she isn’t manu anymore, she is a Devrakshika and he is a Yuvraj, who is about to get married to the princess. Madhav asks that means she is not affected by his marriage.. Manu asks him to leave her arm, Madhav lets her go with a jerk and says you can go, you are not Manu, his manu had a heart, but you are a stone, you are only a Devrakshika. Manu is crying silently. She turns to look at him and walks away crying. Madhav wonders how to make her realize that he loves her a lot, that Manu is his life. Maya watches all this from a distance and is angry and claws at the wall in rage of jealousy.

Everyone is sitting in the hall, chote Raja says to Raja Sahib that Princess’ family should be informed as they might need time for preparations and it will take them about 2-3 days to reach here. Anamika says that the mahurat can be explained, we are not getting the kids married without them, its only engagement. Choti Rani tells them to ask the Princess if she is ready for this marriage or not, because after what happened earlier she might be having seconds thoughts now. Anamika says Princess will agree, she knows everything, she felt that a shubh Mahurat was coming while she was praying. Pandit says that she is right, tomorrow is an auspicious day, such mahurat won’t come for next 10 years, all shubh works should be done tomorrow. Anamika says to choti Rani not to worry, everything will happen as per her wishes. She says she is a jogan and has no right to interfere in family decisions, Raja sahib says you are my sister, we will do things as you want them to be. And keechai (I don’t understand what the word is ) rasm will be done tomorrow itself. Raja sahib asks Choti Rani to call Yuvraj and Princess.

Princess/Maya apologizes to Raja sahib for her behavior earlier and states that she wasn’t feeling well and was missing her father too much, she couldn’t cry in front of everyone as it doesn’t suits a princess to do so. Raja sahib tells her that he called her father, and informed him about your health as it was your duty, you were sleeping that time, so you can talk to him later. Maya gets nervous and Manu notices this and anamika gestures her that everything will be alright. Raja sahib asks her consent for the duhan rasm tomorrow, as they all have decided for it to be held tomorrow. Princess/Maya says yes, and agrees as she likes Yuvraj madhav. Manu and Madhav are shocked. Chote Raja says this is a good news, tomorrow Yuvraj Madhav will give you traditional jewelry and then after tilak this relationship would be official, he calls in a servant and orders the whole palace to be decorated for tomorrow. Maya sees MadhVini looking at each other and is annoyed, she says to everyone to ask Yuvraj if he is ready or not. Madhav after looking at Manu says yes. Madhav says that he want a grand celebration for tomorrow and gives all responsibilities to Devrakshika. Manu nods her head in approval and turns to leave but Madhav stops her saying he isn’t finished yet. He says he want Devrakshika to dance for him tomorrow, Raja Sahib interrupts that she is for your protection not for entertainment. Madhav says before being a Devrakshika she was my friend and for old times’ sake she can dance in my happiness. Manu says that she is very happy to hear about his marriage, but asks forgiveness as she refuses to dance. Madhav furiously asks that she is refusing his order, Manu replies that a friends duty died with their friendship. Maya/Princess gets ups and says wont she listen to her also, she is the would be bahu of this palace. She asks Manu for a dance off in tomorrow’s function as it will be entertaining as well as Madhav will get to know what real dance is. Madhav agrees with Princess/Maya saying that whatever she wishes. Manu folds her hands and apologizes to princess for refusing to dance and leaves.. Madhav also leaves, maya looks on angry and annoyed.

The naagin trio are doing some pooja and another naagin comes out of the fire, anamika asks her to perform in tomorrow’s function and to make it so entertaining that no one notices that Anamika is missing from there. The new naagin agrees and gives her a dagger. Anamika says this dagger is made from Kumar Maheshwari’s bhasam. Yuvraj Madhav will be killed by this dagger after they get their naag mani.

Manu is walking in the corridor, madhav calls her to stop her. He says when you are happy with my marriage, then why did you refuse to dance. Manu asks him to understand that by asking the same question again and again, her answer won’t change. Her duty is to protect him, not to dance in the palace. Madhav orders her to pack her bags, as if she can’t stay with him in his happiness then he doesn’t want her in troubled time either. He asks her to decide till morning that whether she will wear ghungroo or pack her bags, he wishes her a good day tomorrow and leaves. Manu thinks that earlier she was a friend to Madhav now she is his ZID, and this zid will bring disgrace to his family, she needs to go away from his sight so that he can forget her, she decides to leave the palace and go away from Madhav. While walking she steps on pieces of snake skins and says that tomorrow its yuvraj’s engagement and Naagvansh has already entered the palace. She says Madhav’s life is in danger she has to stay back, she doesn’t mind if Madhav wants to insult her by making her dance in front of people, she will do anything to keep him safe.

It’s the function day, everyone is gathered in the hall. Anamika asks madhav to start the ritual of making Princess/Maya wear the traditional jewelry. Madhav starts putting on the jewelry but his eyes are looking around for manu. Madhav thinks where Manu is, manu can’t leave the palace, and she can never leave him and go. Chote Raja comments what is Madhav looking for? Pandit asks family to the tilak.

Raja sahib says that would there be any celebration or not, when Manu enters, her ghungroo making noise as she walks, she says that princess invited me for a dance off how could she refuse and makes Princess wear ghungroo too. Madhav is relieved to see her. The new nagin comes from behind and says that she is a gypsy, she came here to dance and spread happiness in palace. Raja sahib gives his consent and she starts dancing on mey nagin tu sapera song.. She later on calls Manu and Princess to dance and they all dance. Manu and Maya have a dance off on meera and radha song, Manu cries while dancing and falls down in the end.

Meanwhile Anamika had slipped from the hall and is joined by Takshika to hunt down the Naag Mani. They are looking here and reach the secret room, they find the picture moving, and realsie there is a way behind it, they remove the pitucre and find the large trunk. They open it and take a small box out of it. Pandit senses something awry and leaves.

Precap: Madhav says I know you love me Manu. Manu says no I don’t love you, your marriage is fixed. Madhav pulls her closer and says your eyes tell your truth, and I will bring this truth to your tongue. Maya watches them with agonizing jealous rage.

Update Credit to: blueflames

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