Adhuri Kahani Hamari 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Maya/rajkumari rescuing Madhav from falling chandelier. Anamika/Mrinali says someone tried to kill her nephew. Choti rani yells that devrakshika is careless and asks servant to call her. Manu comes. Choti rani starts yelling at her. Anamika thinks she has to pour oil in fire and asks choti rani not to scold Devrakshika. Choti rani asks what was she doing. Manu says she was preparing food for Madhav on his order. Anamika asks Choti rani not to yell at devrakshika’s family now. Choti rani says her family is 420 and just knows to eat. Anamika asks her not to kick devrakshika out now. Choti rani says she gave a good idea and is about to hold Manu’s hand when Madhav stops her. Choti rani taunts her that her duty is just to cook and be

a servant.

Manu goes to kitchen weeping and thinks whole food burnt, what will she serve Madhav now. Madhav comes and asks why she does it. She asks if he is fine. He says once he will have her food, he will be fine. He checks food and says she made his province’s map on roti. She asks why is he doing this. He says she is calling him as if he is her friend or husband. She should prepare and serve food in 15 min. Maya comes there and asks if she can prepare food. Madhav asks if rajkumari knows to cook. Maya says rajkumari should know everything from using sword to run kitchen. He calls servant and orders to help rajkumari in preparing food adn orders devrakshika to go and rest as she must be tired burning food. Tears roll down Manu’s cheeks and she leaves.

Food is served. Bade raja says food is very tasty. Choti rani taunts that rajkumari prepared it, so it is tasty obviously. Manu comes and Madhav asks her to sit. She says it is ok. He angrily says sit.. She sits. Anamika tells Rooplehkha is perfect for Madhav. Madhav says he needs some time to understand Rooplekha, estc. Anamika angrily walks out. Madhav asks why did aunty leave. Bade raja says they tolerate his nonsense, but Mrinali didi will not. Choti rani touches Maya’s hand and says she is having fever. Bade raja orders to call doc. Maya says she is fine. Chote raja says she is their guest and should not be careless. Madhav says he will send her to doc with servant. Choti rani says he should take her. Maya acts as getting angry and leaves.

Madhav asks why both left. Bade raja scolds him and says he does not want this alliance to be broken. Madhav says relationship are built and broken in minutes, pointing at Manu. Raja asks what is he murmuring. Madhav says he will not let this alliance broke.

Anamika goes to room and Takshika locks it and says it is time when all ichadhari nagins get half human and half nagin form and Maya still did not come yet. Anamika says she knows how to protect herself. Anamika then becomes half snake and half woman. Bade raja knocks door and says he came to apologize for Madhav’s misbehavior. Anamika says she is fine and says she will meet him later.

Manu thinks she should apologize rajkumari and knocks her room door, but she does not open it. She tries to get in via window. Madhav comes and asks what is she doing here. Manu says she came to apologize rajkumari, but she did not reply, so she is getting in via window.

Precap: Madhav and Manu open rajkumari’s room door and see her crying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. why is madhav doing like dat??????
    btw i’m loving d show

  2. don’t do this madahv.. love madhav and Manu

  3. Even though madhav claims that he loves manu,he can’t understand her situation and he’s leaving no chance of mentally torturing manu.loved the part when devsena came for helping manu,but hated yuvraj’s interference in it.

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