Adhuri Kahani Hamari 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epsiode starts with Badi amma asking Devsena why she is taking Manu’s side even after knowing that she has to become Devrakshika. Devsena asks why should she suffer like her and pleads not to destroy Manu’s childhood.

Yuvraj argues with badi rani why should not he meet Manu. Badi rani says Manu is becoming devrakshika to protect him. He says why should Manu destory her life to protect him, he will destroy devrakshika ritual itself. He wants to see Manu’s face first at 12 midnight as every year.

Manu’s father requests Badi amma not to destroy Manu’s childhood and wait for 2 years until she becomes 20 years old. Badi amma says Manu is her granddaughter and she loves her more than anyone, but she has to protect rituals and make her devrakshika.

Manu comes home and calls her father baba. Father asks her not to call her baba as she won’t be able to call her baba after she becomes devrakshika tomorrow. Manu gets very excited hearing she is becoming devrakshika tomorrow itself than after 2 years. Father says she will be devoted to god and will have no rights on human relationships. Manu asks what about Devsena bua. Father says she will just be a means to get out of devrakshika ritual for Devsena. Manu cries and says she wants to meet Madhav once. Father says if she meets Madhav, she will risk his life. He leaves weeping.

Manu thinks she has to send message to Yuvraj at least and tries to go out of room but sees Badi amma holding her leg with a thread. Badi amma asks where is she going. Manu says to drink water. Badi amma says she can have water here itself.

At midght, snake is seen climbing sleeping yuvraj’s chest and turning into icchadhari nagin.

Badi amma makes Manu devrakshika in the night itself.

Precap: Choti rani crates drama seeing Yuvraj missing and taunts Choti rani that yuvraj must have gone to meet Manu. Badi amma asks Manu to step in boiling water. Yuvraj breaks glass in his room and thinks Manu has to come to fight with him or at least to apply medicine on his wounds.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i luv this show.amazing,awsm,super cute couple.pls jalti yuvraj devrashika ritual break krdijiye.i want to see your past n present life romance

  2. what is devrashika

    1. I think devraskshika is kind of garur (enemy of snake).

  3. Very nice show….

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