Adhuri Kahani Hamari 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with inspector coming to Krish’s home to arrest fake Krish for assaulting his wife. Fake Krish says it is a family issue. Inspector says he can tell whatever he has to in police station. A lady enters and asks if they were missing her. She tells inspector that she is Krish’s relative and knows that he cannot do anything. Uncle asks if she really is their relative. Lady says close relative. Inspector says he has to arrest Krish and asks constable to take him along. Lady says she needs 2 min and does black magic on inspector. Inspector returns without speaking anything. Fake Krish locks door.
Lady asks family if they are wondering who she is. Fake Krish/Karan says whoever she is, where is his Preeti. Aunt says she is Preeti.

Lady says no. Uncle says she is icchadhari nagin. Lady says she is not. Uncle asks who she is. She says she is the one who knows thathe is Karn and not Krish, how they killed Radhika and buried her. She is Dayini, Preeti’s sister. Preeti died with unfinished task, so she came to finish it. Uncle asks if she is dayan, she should remove her make up and show her horrible face. Dayini says she does not like jokes and tells she wants them to kill Radhika. Uncle and aunt ask how. She explains plan.

Karan says it is easy to plan but difficult to explain. He wants to know if she really is dayan. Dayan gets into her real horrible form and punishes Karan. Unle and aunt get afraid. Dayan tells uncle that she will not tolerate his nonsense and will hang him to ceiling fan. He gets afraid. She tells them what to do next.

Radhika with her friends wait for inspector to return. She senses Dayan coming with her team. Inspector comes with Karan and uncle/aunt and says Radhika that he has arrested Krish, but krish says he gave he shock treatment to get back her memory. Radhika says Krish is lying, he can check CCTV footage. Doc says Krish is right, they were giving Radhika a shock treatment. Dayini enters and reminisces doing black magic on doc. Radhika thinks dayan must have done black magic on doc and inspector.

Precap: Dayini tells Karan that enemy’s strength should be destroyed to destroy enemy. Radhika says she wants fake Krish to make a mistake and take her to Krish. Dayini asks Karan to take Radhika for dinner tonight, she will kill Radhika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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