Adhuri Kahani Hamari 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Madhav seeing Devsena in kitchen with Manu and saying she is welcome anytime in his palace but should not help anyone without his permission, pointing at Manu. Devsena leaves. Yuvraj says Manu she should be ashamed of herself for lying that she can prepare food and using Devsena’s help instead. Manu says she prepared this food. He calls servants and asks them to distribute this food among poor. He then writes 56 dish names on paper and asks Manu to prepare them and include whatever she likes.

Anamika standing outside palace thinks it is time to kill Raj vansh and enter raj mahal/palace. She enters in sadvhi’s attire. Bade raja gets happy seeing her and says her elder sister Mrinali has come back from himalayas after tapasya. He asks servant

to inform whole family and says only he has seen his sister as she left for himalayas before his marriage. Bade raja introduces Mrinali to whole family. Each family member touches her feet. Manu tries to touch her feet, but she stops her.

Manu prepares food with great difficulty. Choti rani peeps in and thinks poor devrakshika has become mere servant now.

Maya tells Anamika that their plan is working well. Anamika says they have to search whole house and find out nagmani. Takshika knocks door and enters. Anamika says she should not roam around like this as they cannot be in human form all the time and should dorn half human and half snake form for some time. Takshika says Madav is without devrakshika downstairs and it is best time to kill him. Anamika smirks and permits her.

Bade raja asks Yuvraj to convince rajkumari for marriage somehow. Yuvraj asks him not to worry and thinks he does everything by heart. Takshika standing in balconys sees Madhav standing under chandalier and melts chandalier’s chain with her tongue. Chandalier is about to fall on Madhav when Rajkumari runs and rescues him on time. She falls on Madhav and their eyes lock. Bade raja asks if Yuvraj if he is fine. Madhav gets up and says he is fine, just got a minor injury. Choti rani starts yelling that 5 lakhs rs chandalier broke. Bade raja scolds her and she says even 50 lakhs chandlier is nothing in front of yuvraj. Bade raja asks how did it break. Anamika comes and says she knows everything, someone did it.

Precap: Madhav tells Devsena there is no place for love in his life. Takshika tells Anamika they will become half snake soon. Bade raja knocks door just then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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