Adhuri Kahani Hamari 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Adhuri Kahani Hamari 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvraj Madhav reaching back haveli. Badi rani asks why did he disobey her, she does not want to punish him as it is his 18th birthday tomorrow. Yuvraj says he will not celebrate his birtday.

Manu looks at her burnt foot soles. Devsena applies ointment on her wounds and says badi amma loves her a lot. Manu says badi amma’s way of expressing her love is different. Devsena says she is doing all this to protect their rituals. Manu says even she is trying to protect her friendship and will go to meet Yuvraj. Devsena says she should come back in 30 min before badi amma comes back. Manu thanks her and leaves.

Badi rani asks Yuvraj why he does not want to celebrate his birthday. He says it is his wish, he will not celebrate it without Manu.


goes to his room and comes out of bathrrom after a bath wearing towel. Manu enters and falls on him. She closes her eyes seeing him in towel and asks him to dress up soon. He wears T-shirt and pant and says his college girls like him without shirt in swimming pool. She asks to be away from such girls. He asks her to open eyes. She opens and says she is stuck between his friendship and badi amma’s love, she will not come to meet him from hereon. He says if she does not come, he will not celebrate his birthday. She says they cannot be friends now. He says he will slap her. She reminisces telling him same and says he is using her dialogue. Choti rani passes by calling chidiya. Manu says again they cannot meet again. He says he will burn this world if she does not meet him. She runs out with teary eyes while Yuvraj looks at her sadly. Hamari adhuri kahani…song..plays in the background.

Manu tries to get out of palace hiding from guards and hears someone discussing that she will mix poison in yuvraj’s birthday keer and will kill her. She gets tensed that someone wants to kill yuvraj. Someone holds her shoulder from behind.

Badi amma meets badi rani and tells she should control Yuvraj. Manu will not meet yuvraj again and she should stop Yuvraj. Choti rani comes and taunts badi maa and asks her servant to bring Manu. Servant brings Manu. Badi amma slaps Manu. Choti rani alleges her that she is mastermind here and is planning to loot raj vansh. Badi amma angrily drags Manu from there.

Badi amma drags Manu to home. Manu pleads to leave her hand. Badi amma says she broke her trust and because of her choti rani alleged her. She throws her in room and locks it saying she is fake currency and will not work again. Devsena asks what happened. Nadi amma says whatever she was afraid of happened. A spark has turned into fire, so she has taken a decision..

Precap: Badi rani says Yuvraj though sword it sharp, it needs protection and devraksika is protection of raj vansh. Yuvraj says he will burn this ritual for manu’s happiness. At night, snake is seen on sleeping Yuvraj’s chest.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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