Adhuri Kahani Hamari 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Maya entering raj mahal as Chittorgarh’s rajkumari Rooplekha. Yuvraj Madhav asks Devrakshika Manu to greet her and perform her aarti. Manu does aarti. Maya says though elders have decided their marriage, if she does not like Madhav, she will not marry him. Madhav says she is right. Maya says Badi rani her palace is nice. Badi rani asks Madhav to show their place to Rooplekha. Madhav asks Manu to carry Rooplekha’s baggage and keep it in the room next to his room. Manu nods yes.

Madhav walks with Rooplekha and shows her palace. She asks which is his favorite place. He says terrace. She says she would like to have evening tea with him then. He says okay and asks to go and .rest. She says she will not rest until she finds she she needs.

Madhav asks what she needs. She says she wants to know secrets of this palace. Madhav says if he tells secrets, those won’t be secrets and smiles. She walks with him.

Takshika follows Madhav and Rooplekha in snake form and then changes back to human form. Manu passes by, senses someone and asks who is there. Takshika gets tensed and changes back to snake. Madhav sees Manu and asks if she is following him. She says no. He contiues.

Badi amma sits sadly thinking of Manu. Devsena brings milk and asks her to have it. Badi amma says she is not hungry. Devsena asks if she is remembering Manu. Badi amma says Manu is devrakshika and she cannot remember devakshika. Devsena says a grandmother is remembering her granddaughter and if she permits, she will go and meet Manu once. Badi amma says she should not and leaves. Devsena thinks she will meet Manu though as she is not devrakshika and can listen to he heart.

Madhav orders Manu to prepare food. She tries in kitchen unsuccessfully. Devsena comes there. Manu happily hugs her and says Madhav asked her to prepare food. Devsena says she will teach her cooking. Manu says Madhav asked her to prepare food alone. Devsena teaches her cooking even then. Manu thanks Devsena for saving her. Devsena asks if she wants to thank her aunt and says she will go before someone comes here. Madhav comes and she gets tensed seeing him. Madhav says Devsena she is welcome to his palace any time, but should not help anyone without his permission. Devsena leaves sadly.

Maya looks at her jewelry in mirror and smiles. Takshika enters in snake form and then changes back to human. Maya locks door and asks why did she come here. Takshika says Maya is trapping Madhav well and she will inform this to nag rani. Maya asks where is nagrani. Takshika says she is preparing her next move. Maya asks what she will do.

Precap: Madhav asks Manu to distribute food among poor and tell that yuvraj is celebrating building new relationships. Anamika enters palace as sadhvi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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