Adhuri Kahani Hamari 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with pakhandi baba and his puppets breaking door and capturing Krish and Radhika again. Krish frees himself and fights with puppets. Radha tries to defend herself but gets shock when she touches puppet. One of puppet throws ash on her and she stands still. Baba walks towards her and she warns him to stop before god punishes him.

Baba tries to stab Radhika, but Krish comes in between and gets stabbed instead. He falls down and Radhika holds him in her lap. Krish’s family comes and is shocked to see him injured on floor. Pakhandi baba’s puppets catch them. Puru and his father beat puppets andthey run from there. Baba leaves behind them angirly. Family takes Krish to hospital. Mom asks Radhhika not to come behind them.

Pakhandi baba’s puppet asks him why did he stab nagin’s husband. Pakhandi says nagin loves her husband a lot and will do some shiv pooja to save krish and get out nagmani, they will killl her and get nagmani then.

Krish is brought to hospital. Doc comes out and Mom asks how is Krish. He says his wound is very deep and needs resurgery. He asks her to call Krish’s wife to file consent form. She says Krish’s wife is not here and she will sign papers. She yells that because of Radhika, Krish is fighting for his life. Avni says she is thinking wrong, Radhika and Krish are made for each other, Krish knows that Radhika is nagin, they should not have called pakhandi baba. Mom says whatever it is, she will not let Radhika in Krish’s life. She walks from there.

Mom reaches home. Radhika asks how is Krish. Mom says his condition is critical and it is because of her. She starts alleging Radhika and orders her to stay away from him, else she will kill herself.

Precap: Temple lamp blows off and Krish’s pic falls down. Radha realizes Krish is in danger.

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