Adhuri Kahani Hamari 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yuvraj Madhav forcefully marrying Manu. Manu resists. He does not drop her down until he finishes 7 pheras around agni kund and then applies sindhoor. She says she is devrakshika and cannot marry anyone. He says she is already married to him. She says they will be friends forever. He gets angry and says he will break both friendship and love with her. She does not like his love and he does not like her friendship, she should follow her duty and he will follow his pain and walks out.

Manu gets shattered and in front of Shiv idol tells she cannot go against badi amma, she loves him a lot but cannot see him in danger. She then follows Madhav while he walks angrily.

Badi amma cries reminiscing bade raja’s words that Manasvini will become

devrakshika, so she should stay away from Madhav and not push him into wrong path. Her tears fall on Devsena’s hand. Devsena asks what happened. Badi amma says she is worried that Manu may go on wrong path. Devsena says she should trust Manu. Manu comes. Both Badi amma and Devsena hug her. Badi amma sees sindhoor in her forehead and asks how did it come. She nervously says she got it in temple while touching god idol’s feet. Badi amma wipes it with her sari pallu. Manu says she will not break her trust and this family’s rituals. Badi amma hugs her again.

Yuvraj reaches raj mahal back and says bade raja if he wants him to marry Chittorgarh’s rajkumari, he is ready for it and has forgotten his past and will never do anything which will harm their family’s dignity. Bade raja says he was expecting same from him. Yuvraj asks when is Manu’s devrakshika ceremony. Bade raja says tomorrow. Yuvraj says he wants to see Manu becoming devrakshika as she will protect him in the future. Bade raja happily accepts and asks servants to arrange for chittorgarh’s rajkumari’s welcome tomorrow. Maya hears everything hiding

Maya informs Yuvraj and bade raja’s conversation and informs Anamika. Anamika says Madhav did same mistake which she thought. They all will welcome Chittorgarh’s rajkumari and laughs.

Devsena gets Manu ready. She sees Manu sad and asks what happened. Manu says she is fine. Madhav thinks howmuch he hates Manu.

Precap: Madhav tells Manu that she is just devrakshika for him from today. Maya enters as Chittorgarh’s rajkumari. Madhav says devrakshika will greet his would be wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    This show was going good… but ab to bore krne lga hai… Mannu or Madhav dono me itna ego hai k pyar ki jagha duriyan chunn rehe h or vo show ko bore krne lga hai

  2. Awesome serial …i just love watching this serial….love madhav and mannu

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