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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhika telling baba that her and her husband’s love story is from past life and they are reborn to complete their love story. She describes her past life’s story and even this life’s where Tulsi sacrifices her life and makes her nagin, etc.. Baba says he will spare her. She thanks him. He asks her to give what he needs. She says she will ask her husband to give him money. He says he needs nagmani.

Om scolds Preeti that he does not trust her. Preeti tells Om and others that Radhika is not human and she wants to protect her family from her. Aunt asks if Radhika is also nagin like her. Mom says Radhika is a nagin.

Radhika tells baba that she knew he came here for nagmani, but she will not give him until she is alive. Baba throws something on her and she shouts in pain. Avni who is watching everything comes and orders baba to go away. Baba orders his puppets to throw Avni away. They drag her out. Baba continues torturing Radhika and shouts to give him nagmani. She says she will never. Krish comes and says Puru told right, he is a pakhandi baba and asks him to get out. Baba asks his puppets to catch Krish and threatens Radhika to give him nagmani, else he will kill Krish. Radhika says Krish is innocent. Baba is about to stab Krish when Avni comes and switches off lights. Krish and Radhika escape. Baba orders puppets to search and bring nagin soon.

Krish and Radhika hide in a room with Avni. Avni apologizes Radhika and confesses that she did not know Krish knows Radhika is nagin, so she along with mom and Preeti brought snake charmer here. Radhika says anyone would have done same. Baba hears their conversation and orders puppets to break door.

Precap: Baba asks Radhika to give him nagmani and tries to stab, Krish comes in between and gets stabbed instead.

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