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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with icchadhari nagin Maya taking Badi amma’s form and warning her that she will kill her if she does not let her in. Badi amma says garud math is protected by invisible barrier and she can never enter it. Nagin laughs that she is just a normal poojaran and cannot stop her. Badi amma says she does not know power of bhakti and throws ash on her. A barrier surrounds Maya and she falls down. She then converts into nagin/snake and runs. Badi amma calls garud mad protectors and asks to catch this icchadhari nagin. They run behind maya and injure her with spearhead. Maya falls down injured but escapes somehow.

Choti rani’s servant informs her that yuvraj Madhav came back. Choti rani fumes and starts shouting that if her son was born before Madhav,

he would have been yuvraj, but she got a daughter first and then son. She will kill Madhav and make her son yuvraj.

Manu sees Maya sitting outside math injured and asks who is she and who injured her. Maya says she is from nearby village and forgot her way back, so she got injured on a pothole while walking bearfooted. Manu says badi amma tells one should help injured and needy people and takes her into math.

Badi amma tells Devsena that icchadhari nagin tried to break garud math’s protective barrier. Devsena says only when someone brings her in and she must have come to steal shiv mani. Badi amma says nagin knows that once mani goes into yuvraj’s hands, she can never get it, so she came to steal it beforehand. One lamp blows off as soon as Manu takes nagin in. Badi amma panics that Manu must have done some mistake and broken a rule. Devsena says if this lamp does not light up again, then manu must have made mistake, else no.

Manu nurses Maya’s wound and applies bandage. Maya thinks Manu is not her enemy. Manu asks her go home safe and sends her after a hug. Maya gets out of math. Devsena tries to light up lamp repeatedly and at last it lights up. She says Badi amma that Manu did not break any rule. Manu comes there and asks if something happened. Badi amma asks if she met someone just now. She says an unknown injured lady who forgot her route home. Badi amma realizes it must be icchadhari nagin and reminsces about a past event when a raja and icchadhari nagin were in love.

Precap: Madhav asks badi rani why can’t he enter restricted jungle. She tells him story of their ancestor raja and icchadhari nagin’s love story.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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