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Adhuri Kahani Hamari 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhika dreaming about her previous life where she meets Devsena, dancing twith her, yuvraj marrying her, ichhadhari nagin killing her, etc. She wakes up worried and thinks how did she come here. Devsena comes and calls her Manu. Radhika says she is Radhika and not Manu. Devsena says flower’s color has changed but not fragrance. Pandit follows and says she is Manasvini. Radhika says whatever they say, she is Radhika. Devsena shows her portrait and says she is Manu. Radhika is shocked to see her portrait. Her blur dream gets clear and she clearly sees her past.

Radhika remembers seeing young Devsena getting out of chariot. Manu calls her bua/aunt. Devsena asks her what is she doing, where is badi amma. Manu says badi amma will come late.

Devsena takes her to her house. Manu gets mesmerized seeing her big bangles. Devsena says gold has to melt in fire to get a shape. Manu says she wants to become devrakshika like her.

Manu sees guards coming towards her and frightens them. They say yuvraj Madhav has called her. She asks him to tell yuvraj that she will come later. He says yuvraj called her right now. She asks him to ask Yuvraj to call rain first. Gaurd says rain does not come like that. She says even Manu does not come like that and asks him to tell Yuvraj that she will come later and asks to go before badi amma sees them. They both run.

Badi amma enters. Manu nervously says nobody was here, especially guards. Badi amma asks if everything is alright. Radhika nervously nods yes.

Yuvraj Madhav is seen shooting. Guard comes and informs that Manu does not want to come. Yuvraj asks him to go and stand in target area and hold bottle on his head. Guard nervously stands and holds bottle on his head. Yuvraj shoots bottle.

Choti rani slaps servant and smirks at lady servant. Lady servant also smirks. Her jethani comes and asks what is happening. Choti rani says she was doing justice. Jethani says from where she is seeing, it looks like torture. Servant murmurs to tell her to come down and see. Choti rani tells that servant insulted her. Lady servant backs her. Jethani orders servants to leave. Choti rani says servant behaved more than his status. Jethani says she behaved less than her status. She is choti rani and should know her duties.

Servant informs jethani/badi rani that pandit has come. She orders to call him. Pandit comes and says as per her order, he studied yuvraj’s kundali and.. Badi rani asks and… Pandit says it is a bad news.

Guard informs yuvraj that he cannot go beyond this jungle’s boundary. Yuvraj says his mind says to move forward. Guard says he promised his mother badi rani that he will not cross boundary. Yuvraj says he will go. Guard says he cannot break promise.

Pandit says yuvraj’s graha are in opposite direction and yuvraj has to be careful for 1 year and after garuda pooja, yuvraj will be safe. Badi rani asks guard where is yuvraj. Guard says he went into namashya van/forest. She asks how can he go there even after she ordered not to go. Guard says he will inform yuvraj. Badi rani says inform him that his mother has called and not badi rani.

Devsena teaches dance to Manasvini. Yuvraj enters. Manasvini sees black marks on his face and asks why is his face like this. Yuvraj asks what happened to his face. Guard says he is very handsome. Manasvini wipes black mark and asks guard why did not he inform yuvraj. Guard says he sees yuvraj’s character and not face. Badi amma asks why did he come here. Yuvraj says he came to take something and picks Manasvini and tries to leave. Badi amma says he cannot take manasvini from here as she has to become devrakshika.

Precap: Guard says yuvraj has crossed border. Badi rani says it cannot happen. Choti rani asks why is she getting tensed. Pandit says Yuvra is still in danger. Yuvraj slips while walking and Manu looks at his feet. Iccchadhari nagin is seen watching them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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