Adhuri Kahani Hamari 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Adhuri Kahani Hamari 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Goraknath baba grinning seeing Radhika. Radhika comes down with Krish. Krish asks mom who is this man. Mom says he is a well-known siddhi purush and asks him to take his blessings. Krish and Radhika take his blessings. He blesses and says he will leave now. Preeti asks him to have dinner and go. Baba says he is a sadhu and lives on begging and asks mom to get 3.5 fistful rice from her younger bahu. Radhika brings rice. Mom prays that baba should catch nagin and she gets rid of her. Radhika gives 3 fistful ofrice to baba and he grins looking at her. Avni records everything on her mobile. Baba leaves. Krish asks mom since when she is believe babas. Purshaarth says he is right, baba was fake and he told mom not to become superstitious. Mom says

when belief is betrayed, one has to become superstitious, she prayed god her whole life, but had to face so many problems recently, she wants to protect her family from evil spirits.

Baba prays in front of shiv idol that he was searching icchadhari nagin since many years and found her now, god should continue his blessings on him. Assistant asks if he will be able to control ichadhari nagin. Baba angrily looks at him and says he trusts himself and nobody can break it. He will take nagmani from nagin and will become world’s biggest tantrik. Tantrik continues pooja.

Purushaarth passes by Avni’s room and sees her cleaning chip. He asks if he can help her. She says no need. He says he came here for some research and asks why did fake baba took only 3.5 fistful rice. She gets irritated and their arguments start. He leaves angrily and he smiles.

Radhika reminisces baba’s incident and thinks why was she behaving weird in front of baba. Krishcomes and asks what happened. She says nothing..He says when eyes cannot tell lie, even she should not, he knows she is tensed because of baba and says when they are together, they can spend life peacefully. She says yes. He asks her to close eyes and gets out a beautiful diamond ring and asks to open her eyes. She gets very happy seeing ring. He dorns it in her finger. Their romance continues. He says someone told right, diamond’s are woman’s best friend. She says her diamond is him. He says there is a surprise for her.

Preeti, mom, and Avni go to baba’s den and sit in front of him. Baba asks Preeti why is she tensed. She says when her family’s life is in danger, she is obviouisly tensed and asks why did not he catch nagin yesterday. He says he will come tomorrow and catch nagin, but nobody should be at home except nagin as she may harm anyone to protect herself.

Krish works on his laptop. Radhika asks if they are going to movie, dinner, ice cream parlor. He says it is a surprise. She gets sad. He says she will be very happy with his surprise. Mom comes and says Krish that his aunt is unwell, so they should go to her home tomorrow morning. Krish says okay, not to worry. She says she is very much worried about her sister and asks him and Radhika to get ready early in the morning. Radhika says Krish she cannot go with them tomorrow.

Precap: Baba enters Radhika’s house with his assistants. Radhika sees them coming and gets tensed.

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